Zero Two – Darling in the FranXX – Character Analysis

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Zero Two is a very popular waifu that comes from the anime Darling in the FranXX. She is a Klaxosaur, which is the reason for her iconic horns.

She is the main character of the series. She is special becuase of her being a human with Klaxosaur blood. She is also the Pistil of the Strelitzia

At first, she was considered evil due to the fact she was technically a related to the enemies, and the fact that she killed every person that has ever ridden a FranXX with her (with the exception of Hiro), causing people to call her “The Partner Killer”.

Zero Two’s partner, Hiro, is a member of Squad 13. After everyone noticed the compatibility between them, they allowed her to join the Squad at Hiro’s official partner.

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Zero Two’s goal was to become human, and marry Hiro. In the picture below, there is little Zero Two and little Hiro reading a book called The Beast and The Prince. In the story a beast found a prince and developed romantic feelings for him, and wanted to marry him. Zero Two related to this story, and Dr. FranXX told her if she killed more Klaxosaurs, then she’ll become human( which was a lie). This made her go absolutely feral.

When they were children, they guards found them together and took all the memories away from Hiro. So Zero Two went to look for her Darling. In one of their battles, Hiro regained his memories and told Zero Two that he was her darling. This was a very wholesome, and sad, moment.

In the end, Hiro ended up being a klaxosaur too due to the fact that when they were little, Zero Two got hurt and he licked the blood for her (that doesnt sound right), and the fact that they rode together.Some crazy star looking guy decided to try and take over the planet, but Zero Two and Hiro destroyed them, sacrificing their lives for the survival of mankind.

The got reincarnated into children and continued there romance again.

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