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Zenitsu as we first see him- a crybaby who runs away from everything

I was inspired to write about Zenitsu because I really hated him. He always cried, when kids a lot younger than him didnโ€™t in the same situations1. I didnโ€™t want him to even be there, he just seemed like a disgrace to all the hard work and brave actions that Tanjiro did, because, if you live in that world, then there is no option but to suck up your fears and put on a brave mask. But Zenitsu didnโ€™t do that. He just kept moping and crying, not even trying to change himself. But then, as I watched more, I realized that he was actually important, and there is a reason why he isnโ€™t made like the other characters, strong and ready to face gruesome demons.ย 

I didnโ€™t want everyone hating him like I did, but to recognize his potential, and what made him so valuable. So I wrote this post about whatโ€™s important about him. After reading this, I hope you also get to appreciate Zenitsuโ€™s character and not hate him.

Jigoro’s wise words to his student (and also Zenitsu’s real face, not like the previous gif lol)

No one likes crybabies, especially in a world where crybabies will die if they choose to take up the responsibility of slaying man-eating demons. 

Then why does a top-rate anime put a crybaby in the main character trio? Because he represents something important; you don’t need to be unafraid of demons or scary things to be strong. 

When he fights, he is so scared of dying that he cries his eyes out. He throws tantrums like a little child, which is not the most appropriate thing to do when you are being chased by a vicious severed head. But all these actions arenโ€™t just for comedy, they are showing  that Zenitsu is genuinely frightened for his life. Anyone would be scared of dying, so if we put ourselves in his shoes, his actions are justified. And when we imagine what we would do in those situations, we appreciate how even if he does act like a baby, he still fights. And he doesnโ€™t run away in the end. He still stands to protect his comrades and save himself. 

Being strong means going on even if you are scared. Even if Zenitsu goes and hides up in a tree, he doesnโ€™t run away from training. He doesnโ€™t run away from his duty of slaying demons. And that’s what Zenitsu does. He still fights, stands strong, and moves forward.ย 

Thunder Breathing: First Form - Thunderclap and Flash
The first time Zenitsu is shown using his breathing form!

So look up to him! Learn from him! Donโ€™t hate him! Be like Zenitsu; conquer your fears.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this inspirational and encouraging! 

1 fight against Previous Upper Moon 6: Kyogai


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  1. Karandi says:

    Zenitsu did grow on me a bit but I still found him a little over the top. While he steps up in time of need, dealing with him all the times in between would be a bit much.

  2. EggheadLuna says:

    I liked Zenitsu from the beginning, he always seemed like a good balance between the unusually brave spirits of Tanjiro and Inosuke. Great article!

  3. Usman says:

    Yessss u finally did zenitsu great post if u have time could u do GIYU TOMIOKO PLSSSSS

  1. October 16, 2021

    […] Why Zenitsu isnโ€™t so Bad โ€“ short anime pep talk โ€“ SPOILER FREE […]

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