Why Full Metal Alchemist Brother Hood will always be a Masterpiece

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the most well thought animes I’ve ever watched, and I’ve watched a lot of anime! No doubt that this anime will not be forgotten…

If you havent already watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and is planning TO watch it, KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SPOILERS.

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FMA Brother Hood is about 2 brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric ย who want to restore their bodies after a disastrous failed attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy.ย  Alphonse is an unlucky soul, and happens to lose his whole body, while Edward only loses a leg. In attempt to save his brothers soul, Alphonse trades his arm for his brothers soul and uses alchemy to bond it to a suit of armor.

When I started this anime, I really didn’t like it cause I judge animation quality, and the animation wasn’t the best, (but not as bad as that one Naruto vs Pain episode animation) Anyway…. I got into a couple episodes, and the story had developed further and started to clear a story path which showed Ed and Al’s ultimate goal, and how they would reach it.

Honestly, the way the author wrote this must have taken a lot of thinking, The homunculi have invaded the military ranks since almost 7 decades ago, and It was nearly impossible to get rid of them. Also I loved how to author used the seven sins which father got rid of and made them into homunculi, those seven sins represented humanity.

FMA Brother Hood also has its sad scenes. The main 2 sad scenes were Maes Hughes death and Nina Tuckers ‘Death’. Maes Hughes died by the hands of Envy while Nina was transformed into a chimera due to her fathers greed to keep his state alchemist position. She died by the hands of Scar though.

The most epic moment in this series has got to be Ray Mustang burning Lust to a crisp, since its such an awesome moment, I’ve added a gif showing the EPICNESS!!!!!

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SOOOOO COOL, To bad he’s useless on rainy day….

Thanks for reading my post, If you haven’t watched this anime already, go and check it out!

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