What I read this Month: May Manga Edition

I’ve been doing a lot of manga posts, haven’t I? Well, that’s because I’ve been getting into a lot of manga lately, and I think im starting to find it more appealing than anime. Don’t get me wrong, I still love anime, but Manga just has this different feel to it. There is more space for imagination when reading manga.

Blue Period

Art] One of my favorite manga panels (Blue Period) : manga

This manga was on my to-read list for a very long time. When I heard the anime was coming out, I had to pick it up. For some reason, when I first heard of the manga I thought it was the prequel to Blue Lock, but when I read it, I realized that they both have the word ‘Blue’ but are not related to each other whatsoever. Blue Lock is about soccer, while Blue Period is about art. They just happen to sound the same.

A manga about art, an interesting concept right? I thought so too. The art in the manga is unbelievable. When I read manga, I tend to focus on art too much that I don’t really concentrate on the story enough. But this manga was extremely unique, and unique as in the story. A smart delinquent who takes a liking to art and chooses it to be his lifestyle from then on. I enjoyed the expression of feelings through art in this manga.

It made me realize that art isnt just about making something look nice, but the thought and feelings you put into it behind the canvas. What are you trying to express? Why are you expressing it? What is expressing it? All the things you have to think about before actually making an art piece. It also made me realize that art is a very hard subject. I think I’ll stick to writing for now.

One Piece

The Saga Project 002- One Piece arc 002- Orange Town | Anime Reporter

Well actually I started the anime, but 6 episodes in, I decided that I don’t want to sit through long episodes so I switched to the manga. Personally speaking, the thought of picking up One Piece scared me for a very long time, just because it’s a really long series. But I felt like I was missing out on a big piece of ‘anime history’ so I started it. It was inevitable because im sure one day I would have started one piece, even if it wasnt going to be this month.

I was reading some forums before starting it, and a lot of people said that One piece is a Hit or Miss, you’ll either really like it, or just not like it. Luckily Im one of those people who like it! Almost 50 chapters in, and it’s an intriguing story, My favorite character so far is Zoro. I found it funny, but also interesting that he uses 3 swords, 2 swords make sense, but 3?

I’m sure that the Manga will get better as I read, and I’ll be amazed if I finish the manga, because its over 1000 chapters.

Candy Flurry

Shonen Jump's New Manga Candy Flurry Is Worth Reading | CBR

Candy flurry is a new addition to the Weekly Shonen Jump, and so far it’s proved to be a good manga! A bizarre concept, but sometimes bizarre can be unique? A manga about candy as weapons can be surprisingly interesting. Eat a magical candy, and you gain candy powers, but when Tokyo’s been destroyed by a Lolipop user, the main character has to hide her powers because she has the same power as the person who destroyed Tokyo.

There are only 5 chapters out so far (At the time of writing this), but it’s fairly interesting. I feel like the pacing is abit too quick though. I never thought that reading people fight with Candy would be interesting. This manga has the potential to be greater, and hopefully, it gets more attention.

Pumpkin Night

Pumpkin Night manga panel aesthetic | Art, Manga, Male sketch

A very gory manga, with blood flowing all over the place, intestines leaking and people being burned alive. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Well for me, it actually was very appealing, don’t get me wrong, I mean the story, not the gore (even though I’m fine with gore). The story is about a girl who gets revenge on a group of high school students who bullied her after being released from a mental hospital.

At the beginning of this manga, I thought that the main character was wrong for wanting to kill her classmates just because they bullied her. Yes, I know that bullying can have a severe effect on people but later I changed my mind because the classmates did some horrible things to her. (Killing them though goes abit far). If you don’t like gore, then I don’t think this manga is for you, But if you are fine with gore, then I reccomend this!

One thing I didn’t like about this manga is, After she had killed everyone, the story was lost. I feel like the author was just making it up as he went because the story wasnt making sense at all, and there were a lot of things that happened that shouldn’t have happened. But overall, it is a pretty interesting manga.

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