Violet Evergarden – The Perfect Sad Anime (Review)

Violet Evergarden is a masterpiece that tells a story through words and emotion. The story starts out with a young girl named Violet, who has left the battlefield to start a new life at a postal service. But after finding a fascination in the work of Auto Memory dolls, who are people who write letters for ones who cannot write themselves, She starts her journey as one too. Violet chose to become an Auto Memory doll because they turn other people’s thoughts and convert them into words, They deal with different emotions, and shapes of love. Violet wants to understand emotion, and what Love is.


Let’s start with the main protagonist, Violet. Violet is a lovable character despite her flaws and shortcomings. She may seem emotionless, but she transmits emotion through her writing for others. I enjoyed watching her a lot. I liked how the series focused on her development, and understanding of emotions. It was interesting to see the way she writes for others, despite not being able to express her emotions physically.

Surprisingly, Violet is a character that can make the watcher feel emotions too. As I watched her story, I felt like I was there with her, feeling what she was feeling, be it emptiness or happiness. (Yes, I cried twice too…)

Since the series focuses on short stories of different characters in each episode, We didn’t have many set characters apart from the workers at the Postal Service. But despite that, the different characters of every episode were constructed amazingly. Even though their episodes were only in the 20-minute range, We got to see different types of emotions in such a short time. It didn’t feel rushed at all.

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Plot and Thoughts

Im amazed at the plot and thought put into this anime. Not only were the emotions of the characters presented in the series relatable, but they are also moving and thoughtful. This anime has the ability to make you feel connected to the main protagonist, I’ve not watched a lot of anime that makes me feel that way.

I also loved that the anime was able to create side character development without being rushed in a short amount of episodes, it’s not every day you see an anime like that. While it may seem that the plot was completely focused on the stories of the side characters, it was slowly building up development for the main character too. Each episode was packed with an emotional story, and I loved every bit of it.

Visual experience

Kyoto animation outdid themselves with this one. The animation and art style are breathtaking and smooth. I loved the character designs of all the characters, and their outfits were amazingly put together! The OP and ED were pretty nice, as well as the OST’s.

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Well, Overall I really enjoyed the anime, It made me feel different emotions of happiness and sadness for the character depicted in the show. To be honest, I started this show because I thought it was about fighting (I saw one clip of violet fighting and thought it would be action) But despite it not being action, I wasnt disappointed, I was able to witness an amazing show.

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6 Responses

  1. 🖤 says:

    cfvgbhnjnbgfvgb omg I loved this show everyhing abt it was perfect, the plot, the chracters, THE ART, like bruh 10/10 for everything it is perfect

  2. Dxvxdffm says:

    Such a nice review! Its totally one of my favorite anime, and the title describes it pretty good. Its the perfect sad anime!

  3. I starting watching Violet Evergarden recently, and it definitely lives up to it’s expectations!

    The animation, directing, and storyline is amazing.

    It got a bit boring after the first episode, and is not the action type of anime, but is still great!

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      I agree, The first episode was boring, but its one of those animes that gets better as it goes!

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