Vinland Saga – Review

Another review, I finally got to watch this anime and I regret not watching it sooner! I think this is one of my new favorites because it was really really good but there were a couple things though that brought the anime down abit. I have a lot of harsh critism about the show but I dont despise it at all, in fact its the opposite, I really like it. (Spoilers Below)

The story follows a young boy named Thorfinn and how he seeks revenge from the person who killed his father. When Thorfinn was a child, around 5 years old, His father was called to war… Thorfinn (Being dumb) decides to sneak on the ship not knowing that his father is actually going to be murdered. No child should ever have see their parents die like that. It would be traumatizing.. But then again, Its anime.

When Thorfinn’s father died, The rest of the crew mates left the ship but Thorfinn stayed on it without anyone knowing. This is were his character development starts. And just to say, His character development was awful, personality wise. He became a person obbsessed with hatred and revenge and he kept all that up for a whole Decade! I hated that about his character, He was too obsessed over revenge to notice other things or care about anything else. On the other hand, His fighting skills were enhanced and he ended up ‘joining’ the crew of the person who killed his dad.

Askelaad was the man who killed his dad, Thorfinn was also obssesed with Honor as a warrior so he wouldn’t kill Askelaad in his sleep or anything, It had to be in a duel. So they made a deal, If he helps Askelaad, then he would duel Thorfinn as all wants. I cant believe Thorfinn fell for that, Askelaad just made him do his work for him.

So I think you can tell by now that Thorfinn is definitely not my favorite character, he might even be my least favorite. There was this other character named Canute and his character development was interesting? Well when I say interesting, I mean it happened to fast. After one of Canute’s loved ones were killed, He changed just like that, without any time gap.

Now for things I like about this anime, The fight scenes were amazing! They were super detailed and the story wasn’t too focused on just on character, but others too. Askelaad’s past story was good, I was really upset when he died, I didn’t except myself to start crying. I hated Askelaad at the beginning because he killed Thorfinn’s dad, and I still hate him, but tears randomly came down my face without me noticing.

Over all, this anime was amazing no matter how much critism I give it. I haven’t ever seen any anime that was based on Vikings. I really liked how the author put the story together and included the real rivalry between Danes and the English.

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13 Responses

  1. Yomu says:

    I’ve yet to see anyone mention that they liked Thorfinn. He felt so one-dimensional and by the end I was just annoyed to see him. Rest of the anime was great as you say though.

    • MangaHub says:

      He is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I like his character development and the ideas he represents are quite crucial to the story. So still a good MC imo

      • Yomu says:

        What sort of character development? He’s just angry the entire time and never seems to advance beyond that, which was basically the entire anime after the first couple episodes.

  2. Aizen_Kuro says:

    After reading your review, I’m convinced I should watch it

  3. MangaHub says:

    Good choice!! Did you like the OST as I did as well? ๐Ÿ˜€ I would tell you to keep watching, as Thorfinn’s character evolves massively after the prologue, but you will have to read the manga for that since who knows when a new season comes out xd.

    • Ooh yes, the OST was really good! The manga is on my planning list so I hope to read it soon, many people told me it’s pretty good.

      • MangaHub says:

        Vinland Saga is one of my personal favorites for sure. So I definitely recommend it :D. The manga after the prologue is slower and less action-packed, but quite deep in its own right.

        • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

          Hey again! I read the Manga and I’m completely caught up, It was great! I like Thorfinn much more than in the anime, he had really good character development. It wasn’t as quick paced as the anime seemed and as you said, less action packed, but I really enjoyed it none the less.

  4. Great content ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you

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