Top 5 Things To Know About Anime Blogging Before You Start Blogging Coming from a Noob Blogger

Im still a noob blogger, Well a noob anime fan in general since I’ve only been watching anime for abit over a year. When I started anime blogging, I didn’t know what I was doing, and what challenges awaited me. As of now, I’ve apparently inspired 2 people to start their own anime blogs, (Here’s one of their blogs, You should check it out! Its really cool since they have a team of 5 people writing) I find it crazy that I inspire people, mainly because Im not experienced in the least… and So I thought a Top 5 list about what know before you start an anime blog (coming from a noob blogger) would be a good idea since some people are smarter than me and research what to do before starting a blog.

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#1 Success doesn’t happen overnight

Me being the noob I am, I thought that id get views overnight and my blog would blow up immediately. Haha. that didn’t happen. Blogging takes effort, and results happen over time. Think of it as losing weight, Losing weight is hard work, and results happen slowly. That’s kind of how blogging works. When you start a blog, Be prepared to put hard work into it, and consistently.. Wait that’s for number 2.

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#2 Consistency Is Key

I don’t have a consistent posting schedule, and you don’t have to either. But having a set time for writing at least once a week, and posting at least once a week can help your blog excel. When I was starting my blog.. those were the prime days of my writing, mainly the first 2 months. Then from there my writing kind of went downhill due to writer’s block. But I’ve recently been doing more to improve my writing. Writing is work if you make it work, Do your best to enjoy what you do and don’t force (AKA don’t be 2months ago-me).

Be consistent in writing, but take breaks. You dont want to burn your creativity out. Im sure that the amazing person you are (Well whoever’s reading this) writes amazingly! Oh and writers block happens. Ideas run out, and its ok, you can take a break, we are still here waiting for you.

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#3 Quality over Quantity?

I feel like I’m now just naming every mistake I’ve made while blogging to warn newer bloggers not to make them. But for real, If you focus on quantity over quality in your blog (For example writing or followers) and I mean this in the nicest way possible, you won’t get anywhere. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, but put some time into it, Do what you do, But make sure that you’re just doing it to get something out there. I went through this phase, and wonderful senpai bloggers showed me the way. If you want their advice, read the comments of this post.

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#4 Followers and Likes dont prove your worth.

They dont. At times we may feel like it does, but honestly it doesnt. There are amazing, brilliant writers out there with HUGE fanbases, and then there are also amazing, brilliant writers with small fanbases. What makes them continue writing is well.. their writing. If im going to be honest here, When I started this blog, I wanted millions of followers (Thats an exageration. I think..) But Im actually happy with a small amount of people who read my work. Comments, Likes and Followers will always make you happy, and they should, but dont have them prove your worth.

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#5 Watching Anime may… Well Most Likely Feel Like A Job. And A Hard One At That

You think you’ve watched a lot of anime right? Well unless it’s above 500 or 1000 or something, then you haven’t. I thought I watched a lot of anime when I started my blog.. Boy was I wrong. I slowly, no quickly began to run out of animes to review and made it my mission to watch more anime, and when your watching anime solely for reviewing and not for enjoyment… It gets hard. If its a good anime, then obviously you’ll enjoy it, but it’ll feel harder than it normally would when you watch it for fun.

Im not saying that you should stop watching anime, But just warning you that when you start a blog and have a consistent writing schedule, you’ll run out of anime to talk about. And watching anime in a short period of time is hard.

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17 Responses

  1. Dxvxdffm says:

    Nice post! And thanks for your hints, ig I’ll need them ^^.
    Also thank you for linking us <3

  2. vartika6790 says:

    Nice one.One that I follow is write whenever you feel like doing it. It’s better then a half heart post…right!?

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      Yes that’s really true! Writing when you feel like it is a good way to not get tired out from writing or feel bored with it. But also doing it consistently, not necessarily posting your writing but just writing in general helps your skills improve too

  3. I might not be an anime blogger, but as a book blogger, I definitely know what you mean. Reading can become a job, and it does get overwhelming at times. Great post!!

  4. Good advice. I agree with all of them 😎👍

  5. Nice!
    Do visit to my blog hope you like it.

  6. MangaHub says:

    Valid points indeed, hardest one is sticking to a schedule for me. I’m lazy!

  7. Great post with excellent points and advice! I’ve been blogging with my friends for about 3- 3 1/2 years now. I still consider myself a noob haha~ I totally agree with all these though. I always tell people not to worry about likes and followers. It can be a good gauge to help see where your content stands, but it definitely doesn’t determine it’s worth. Rather, I think it’s more important to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself and the content that you put out. There’s no meaning if you don’t enjoy it~ I think people can also see when you’re genuinely enjoying something or feel passionate about it. In my opinion, that leads to better content that everyone enjoys. For our blog, we don’t have a crazy number of followers or likes. However, I realized that despite lower numbers in followers and likes, we have pretty high numbers when it comes to views. Since the pandemic started, I started posting more things that I personally enjoy just because I just want to share my interests. We basically got x5 more views. I also just realized that although we have low follower numbers, we actually did have alot of readers. It’s just that alot of people are lurkers. I’ve had some of our readers hit me up on socials and emails to talk about stuff I’ve blogged about. So definitely don’t think followers and likes equates to quality and success~ ^^

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      Honestly, I couldn’t have put it better! I’ve come across some newer bloggers who get sad because they dont have followers or likes, but It doesn’t happen overnight. I was similar to that, thinking that my blog would blow up the minute I start it. But overtime I realized that it doesn’t all come down to follower count and likes, but wether you enjoy writing and are happy with it.

      • Definitely! It took us some time to get to where we are too. I think the other thing people forget is, sometimes it also just takes time to get comfortable and find the blogging style that’s right for you too. It just times enjoyment, effort, and time is all~

  8. asic says:

    omg you got your own website!!! it looks so cool and dude this post was so aesthetic~~~ i love the gifs, they look so amazing ahhhh

  9. Bookstooge says:

    I agree whole heartedly with your final point. The fact that I review the books I read does influence what books I end up reading. And I’m sure the same goes for you and anime/manga.

    My question for you would be, do you like to review the popular stuff that everybody else is reviewing or do you like to find the oddball stuff that nobody seems to be talking about? Both have their pro’s and con’s….

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      Well, I think I like both, I like to watch what everyone else is watching but also watch the shows that no one seems to be putting their attention on. But when it comes to reviewing, I review the ‘oddballs’ and not the popular’s. I mainly watch the popular’s just to compare my opinions to everyone elses.

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