Top 5 anime that make me nostalgic

Ive been watching anime for maybe about 3 or 4 years, so not exactly that much compared to the veterans of anime blogging. But every time I watch specific animes, nostalgia comes flooding in. Today’s post is about 5 animes that make me nostalgic.

1- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I am currently rewatching FMAB, and it was the anime that inspired this post. While I was trying to read berserk chapter 1, the first opening song of full metal alchemist came on, and nostalgia came flooding in, so I spontaneously decided that now would be a good time to watch it after almost 3 years.

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I love all the female characters in FMAB, it’s one of those animes that gives great representation and doesn’t make the women feel any less strong than the men. From Edwards Mechanic, Winry, to his teacher, Izumi. All of them are important. And of course, we can’t forget about one of my all-time favorite characters, Olivier Armstrong! Plus we also have Riza Hawkeye, she’s just amazing too. I think you get the point before I start talking about every female character in FMAB.

2 – Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden

I put off watching Naruto for a while because it seemed too long and time-consuming to just watch one anime. @happyanimecamper somehow convinced me one day to watch it, and I am so glad she did because watching this series was one of the best things I did.

I always see random AMV’s of Naruto pop up on my recommended every now and then, and when I watch them, It makes me feel sad that I’ll never get to experience the anime for the first time again. Same with all animes I’ve watched though, to be honest.

Nowadays, Naruto is called ”mid”, and ”overhyped” and ”generic”. I once thought that too, but as people get older, and watch more anime, you realize that even though a lot of popular animes are maybe overhyped, they have a special place in the anime world. With a huge band of characters, epic battles, maybe a teensy tiny bit of filler, ok maybe not a little; sad backstories and a lot of flashbacks, this anime is a journey.

3 – Little Witch Academia

This anime reminds me of summer and hiking. I love the outdoors, so every time I rewatch this anime, I get reminded of all the times I’ve spent my days outside. Though this anime isn’t on my favorites list, I love it with my entire heart. It’s probably the most upbeat anime I’ve ever watched.

Just watching Akko (The main character) be happy automatically made me, the watcher happy too. Each episode is like a breath of fresh air, and the storyline is amazing too. I’ve noticed anytime an anime that is about witches and magic, it is automatically compared to Harry Potter. But comparing this and calling it “a Japanese version of Harry Potter” is a complete disservice to it.

4 – Spirited Away

Ghibli movies are my comfort, specifically Howls Moving Castle. Though Howls moving castle doesn’t exactly make me feel nostalgic, Spirited Away does. I watched spirited away on a rainy day, so I associate rain with the nostalgic feeling of the movie.

To me, no ghibli movies have ever made sense to me, I dont even get why I watch them. The animation is nice and aesthetic and all, but I can never piece together the plot. You start out with a girl moving to a new place, and then they somehow get lost, and then the parents turn into pigs, Chihiro starts working at a bathhouse, it was all honestly a mess. I didn’t like the movie till I rewatched it a second time, but I still thought it was one mess of a movie.

Miyazaki’s movies all have this charm to them, and they never are normal. Sometimes you’ve just got to rewatch it to truly understand the meanings behind them.

5 – Akame Ga Kill

I have a thing for gory anime, which my long-time readers probably know by now. Akame Ga Kill was one heck of an anime, though it does have mixed reviews. Half of the people who watched it hated it, the other half loved it, there is no in-between. I happen to be on the half that loved it.

I really like animes that switch their main characters mid-season, cause why would an anime be named after someone, yet they aren’t the main character? doesn’t make sense to me. The manga apparently, has a different ending to the anime, so it is on my TBR list. The ending of the anime was quite sad, so maybe I’ll have another go at it if I read the manga.

Thanks for reading and see you next post!

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