Top 4 Animes that I’m looking forward to in 2021

We are on the brink of a new year! Only a couple days left till 2021. Im excited and nervous at the same time, who knows what the new year will hold in store for us… 2020 has been a long roller coaster that went mostly downhill, but thanks to 2020 I got into anime. I dont know if ive mentioned this before but I got into anime only because of quarantine. I was actually an anime hater before 2020. I though they were useless cartoon that my brother watched for no reason. Im glad that my mindset on that changed though.

In this post, Im going to try to not talk about sequels to animes such as the rising of the shield hero and The promised neverland season 2. I want to mainly focus on newer animes that coming out, that might have potential to be great.

#1 Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 87 Release Date, Spoilers - Spoiler Guy

I was scrolling though YouTube and saw on a channels community page that this anime is releasing. I searched it up and read a couple chapters of the manga and it seems fairly interesting. I cant wait for it to get adapted. Its a new story that isnt like any other if seen before.

#2 Uzumaki

Legendary Horror Manga 'Uzumaki' Gets Anime Adaptation -

Everyone talks about the Uzumaki manga. When I heard the name Uzumaki, I originally thought of Naruto. But I was completely wrong, I searched it up, and I figured out that it was meant to be released in 2020 but due to Covid 19 it was delayed to 2021. I’m going to assume that the manga is originally better, i dont want to read it online so I might buy a real copy,

#3 Shaman King

Shaman King Is Coming Back and Its New Trailer Has Fans Hyped

The only reason Im looking forward to this anime is because the trailer looked interesting, it does have some potential to be a good anime.

#4 Jobless Re-incarnation

Mushoku Tensei - Wikipedia

This one is an Isekai anime that had a really good trailer which I happened to watch today, I haven’t watched many Isekai anime, but this one seems to also have potential to be very good.

Thanks for reading, My writers block is getting better, I took Lynn’s advice and did a 30 day writing challenge which is still ongoing, Thankyou everyone for putting up with me and for your advice. I very much appreciate it!!

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    Hi I hope your exams went well, I have a question I was thinking I could write that akatsuki post if you are planning to do that if you are just let me know.

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Oh okay thatโ€™s cool.

  3. If I would add a number five, it would be Records of Ragnarok. But the trailer came out a few days ago so I wasn’t able to include it in the post.

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