Tokyo Ghoul Review

Tokyo Ghoul is an interesting anime, but I do have some negative thoughts about it. To be honest, It had a very unique story compared to others.

This anime had a very personal feel to it, not to me specifically but humanity. It was one of the first animes I watched that showed to main character go through grief other then their parents dying or something.

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That finger crack though.

The anime follows a student named Kaneki. Kaneki lives in a world where Ghouls exist. to put it plainly, Ghouls are man eating Humans who look like humans, They cannot eat normal Human food, if they do not eat people, they cannot survive.

Storywise, the anime was very good, but I feel like they completely rushed season 2. Season 1 was exceptional, it didn’t have to much going on or to less. I know I’m a weird person because I like animes with a lot of blood in them. Is that weird?

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The story starts out with Kaneki and his best friend Hide(pronounced h-e-e-d-a-y) listening to the news about a ghoul attack in the 20th ward while in the coffee shop anteiku. Kaneki then asks out a girl called Rize.

He later goes out on a dinner date with, she doesn’t touch her food with her excuse being she isn’t hungry. They walk for abit and Rize reveals that she is a ghoul and attempts to kill and eat Kaneki. Luckily for Kaneki, he was able to run to a construction site and the building in progress broke killing Rize and severely injuring Kaneki.

The doctor transplanted Rize’s organs to Kaneki making him half Ghoul, also known as a One Eyed ghoul. And ladies and Gentlemen, this is how Kaneki’s severe depression started. I felt really bad for him. He would eat human food and then purge it, he cried and almost killed his best friend out of hunger thinking there was no hope at all. But there always is.

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My favorite characters from Tokyo Ghoul are definitely Juzo because of his motorcycle scene and also Ayato. Juzo isn’t a ghoul, he is part of CCG, which are people who kill Ghouls and take their Kagunes (their weapons or you may call them tails, I think?) Honestly, Juzo is such a nice person for greeting them before killing them!

Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya's motorcycle scene on Make a GIF

I think that one parted that just completely scared me about this anime was when Kaneki gets tortured by Jason, it was apparently for 10 days. I can still hear his screams through my ears. But without Jason’s torture, Kaneki wouldn’t be who he was today.

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I completely hated Season 3 and 4. Hate is a harsh word but it can describe my feeling for those seasons. None of it made sense and it went to quick for anyone to realize what was going on. I didn’t really understand how Kaneki turned into Haize and what it had to do with anything but… ok I guess.

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