The Way of the Househusband Anime vs Manga

Well, Netflix’s newest anime came out 3 days ago… Its named The way of the House Husband. Im not sure if I’d call this an anime, It’s more like a bare minimum of moving Manga panels. Before I start talking about what I thought of the anime, Ill tell you what I thought about the manga.

Generally speaking, The Manga was amazing. It is a really good comedy and also had a very unique idea of a manga. Who knew that putting an Ex Yakuza as a Househusband would get views? The originality of each chapter hooks readers and I was interested since the first chapter. Even though the endings of each chapter lack smooth conclusions, it always ends on a funny note which I think suits this manga really well. Sometimes the chapters have odd plot holes or a quick time skip, but It doesn’t affect the manga much.

The art is also very detailed for a comedy manga. I love how Tatsu is very serious about non serious things, it adds to the over all effect of reading it. I really liked that the manga didnt have a story line, and just showed parts of Tatsu’s day to day life.

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Now for what I think of the anime… Well, the main thing I disliked about the anime was the animation. It wasn’t even animation, It was more of just slightly moving Manga panels, For example, the animation didn’t move the whole screen, but just one thing on the screen. Even though the screen was barely moving, the quality of the animation was also bad…. I was really looking forward to this Manga being adapted well and was very disappointed. I had high hopes, but Netflix disappointed. The animation was literally none existent.

Now that I’ve complained about the animation, Im just going to put this out there, This anime is definitely watchable if you get used to the animation. I was highly disappointed in the first 2 episodes, but I just got used to it, and then stuck with it because of the amazing voice acting. The voice acting of Tatsu was holding this anime up, it was one of the main reasons I stuck with it. the VA did a really good job representing Tatsu. The comedy of the anime was peak too, It was very similar to the manga, with barely anything missing, so I’d say they did a good job on that end. I enjoyed watching it to an extent.

So if I were to pick between the Manga and the Anime, then it would definitely be the Manga. The art was much more detailed there, and when I’m looking for an anime, I like existing animation which this anime did not have. But it was bearable so I do recommend checking both the anime and the manga out in the future.

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4 Responses

  1. I totally agree! The manga was great, I love it so much!! But the animation….welp. Love the post!!

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      I agree, The animation was abit… Well, not animation. It slightly pulled away from the overall effect of the anime, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. I’m glad you liked the post btw!

  2. Dxvxdffm says:

    Nice review. I’ll give it a try. Some of my friends told me they absolutely love the anime but they didn’t told me about the animation, so its nice that you wrote that.

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      That’s interesting, I’ve seen when loads of people talk about this anime, the first thing they see is the animation. You should definitely give it a try, the voice acting is really good, but If the anime just isnt for you, then maybe try the manga.

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