The Promised Neverland S2 Episode 4

I have very mixed feelings about this weeks episode. Mainly because of the fact that they are going Original. If you dont know what I mean by original, They are basically straying from the manga and creating a whole new story. I’m kind of upset because the Manga was honestly great. Worst part of my week was learning that they are getting rid of the Goldy Pond arc, AKA the best arc ever. Yuugo didn’t even show up either. I might accidently start comparing everything to the manga in this Episode review… Sorry.

The phone call was actually a recorded call from James Ratri. James Ratri was Mr.Minerva, Minerva was his author name. Atleast this part was correct like in the manga.

A Year has passed, The children are learning archery, They cook and grow food too. They also start making plans to rescue the rest of the kids from Grace Field.

They find a new plant which they named Goowee, because it was slimy, I feel like this part was just to enhance the story abit and has nothing to do with they plot. But it was kind of interesting to see what the plant was.

Isabella! In the manga, we dont get another appearance of Isabella till the near end, So it was interesting to see what they are going to do now with her now that its original.

The Shelter was blown up my swat agents? The agents were searching for the children and also trying to defeat a demon at the same time.

One of the demons told Isabella that if she retrieves the children, they will spare her life and give her freedom by taking the chip out of her chest. It will be her 2nd and Final chance. She agreed to help them.

I’m not too happy with this episode since they’ve started going original, but I’m interested to see how they are going to change it. The part with Isabella really intrigued me. I guess for anime only watchers it isnt a problem. Well that’s it for today.

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  1. ๐Ÿ–ค says:

    Lol the pursuer agent dudes look like master chief from Halo. Also Isabelle went from warhammer maid to homeless eren in one season lolll

  2. uzzenolike says:

    could u do a anime recommendation post because I want to watch new anime but I donโ€™t know any good ones?

  3. uzzenolike says:

    Oh ok no problem and thank you.

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