The Promised Neverland S2 Episode 3

Back again for another Episode Review on The Promised Neverland! This weeks episode was really exciting for me because I thought that my favorite character was going to show up… But that will be in next weeks episode most likely! I cant wait for him to appear! 

The episode starts out with the Children getting ready to leave Musika and Sonju after a week. Everyone gets emotional before leaving them because those 2 demons helped them alot. I hope we will be seeing them again soon.

They are about to leave them, And Musika gives Emma an amulet as a gift. Sonju says his goodbyes and everyone leaves to be on their way to B06-32.

This part somewhat confused me and also startled me, Sonju tells Musika that he misses eating humans and especially the hunt. His religion says that they cant eat humans who were made using the breeding system, and since these escapees are part of the breeding system, the next ones will be natural humans. And once there are natural humans, he will hunt and eat as many as he wants. That part was kind of disturbing to me cause he seemed like a kind hearted guy.

They made it! They made it to B06-32, and they found a secret tunnel leading to? A shelter, the shelter was made for escapees from farmers, such as the Children!

The shelter had everything, A mini library, Baths, Sleeping quarters, Electricity, hot water, A gas stove kitchen, A Dining room and so much more!

After exploring the shelter, everyone bathed and ate together on a table after a long time

After that, They used a radio they found in the shelter left by Mr.Minerva and intercepted the radio transmit ion from the Houses. They had accomplished a lot that day!

They found a door with the Owl mark, Mr. Minervas sign. The key hole was meant for the pen too. Anna finds a room with supposedly blood on the walls writing Help and a bunch of other words. It was kind of creepy.

Once the door was unlocked, there was a phone booth there, and the phone rang! It was william Minerva! and thats how the episode ended, with 2 cliff hangers!

I really enjoyed the episode because My favorite character is about to arrive. I dont want to say much about this character for the Anime only watchers, but lets just say he is amazing! 

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    The ending scared the crap out of me

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