The Promised Neverland S2 Episode 2

Episode 2 came out 2 days ago, and I only got the chance to watch it this morning, but @k2122 watched it before me and took all the screenshots, Thanks! Lets get started!

The episode starts out with everyone sitting around a fire, getting ready to eat. While everyone already trusts sonju and Musika, Emma and Ray and still suspicious of them, since they are demons. And demons are known for eating humans. Gilda and Don are trying to convince them that that they are good demons, who dont want to eat them.

Just to say, I think that the animation in this season is abit less detailed than in season 1, Its a tiny defect but it doesn’t affect the story at all.

While Everyone is alseep, Emma and Ray go to ask Sonju some questions, Why dont they eat Demons? Apparently for religious reasons. Sonju then tells them a tale of old times.

The Humans and the demon hunted each other, for the longest time. Since the world was become too chaotic, they decided to split the world into 2, the Human world and the Demon world. No one was allowed to cross between these two worlds, And as part of the agreement between the demons and Humans, they made a breeding system.

The breeding system is how the Grace field orphans came to life, to be made, and then slaughtered like cattle. There are no demons on the Human side, but on this side, since demons love eating humans, they left some for the demons to eat.

Sonju and Musika start to teach the children how to survive, and how to exit the forest to were they need to get to.

They teach them simple skills such as archery, cooking, which stuff are edible and which aren’t. they also teach them how to read the maps and make their own.

Emma goes out with Sonju and asks him to teach her how to kill a living being. Since she was taught archery by him earlier, she was able to kill a bird, Then he gave her a plant called Vida. You strike the plant threw your preys heart while its still alive so your game can be blessed by the gods, and also so the blood can be drain out aswell as the meat stays preserved.

Emma noticed that this was the same plant that all her previous ‘siblings’ were killed with. Sonju assures her that they did not suffer.

It was a really good episode, I enjoyed it alot. I cant wait for next weeks!

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    This anime made me rethink life.

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Idk it just hit me in a different way and the same with darling in the franxx

  3. uzzenolike says:

    Yah u could call me a weirdo

  4. This looks like a good anime to watch, Iโ€™ll give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚

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