The Promised Neverland S2 Episode 1- Collab Review With Kira!

Well I know I said I dont write episodic Reviews, and I dont. But I wanted to give it a try again, and my “Amazing” friend Kira decided to do the screencaps for me! Thankyou @k2122. You are a literal Life saver. I think that writing them was never a challenge for me but the screencaps were, so she is a big help! Well lets get started. (Kira will be doing the screencaps for me weekly so I think that were going to be doing TPN as a weekly thing now!)

This episode was really amazing animation and story wise, I really loved it. I think this anime definitely does the manga justice. The Episode starts out with our orphans during their first day after escaping from grace field house. They are new to the outdoors since it is very different from the forest where they grew up. They use the pen that norman left them. The pen is actually somewhat a GPS, It tells you your location as well as has a map of the area.

The books from tGrace field house that were written by the Mysterious William Minerva actually turned out to be a guide for the children, they figure that out using the pen.

One of the children realizes that the plants, animals, bugs and surroundings are similar to a book and its illustrations written by Mr. Minerva. Using the story book, they can tell what they can and what they cant eat/Drink. In the picture below, one of the girls is staring at a plant. She recognized it from the book and Ray told her that it had fresh water in it! They now had a source of fresh water without having to go to the river where the demons will find them.

I’m not quite happy with the animation of the demons, In the Manga they look absolutely terrifying. While reading I had chills up my spine… In the Anime,They made the demons look normal, not terrifying at all.

The episode skipped to night time, When demons lurk. We see that the Orphans are running away from a demon but what they dont know is that there are 2 other demons out there searching for them, to take them back to grace field.

Ray tells everyone that he is going to distract those other 2 demons so they can get away safely. After a bit of time, ray doesnt come back… instead they meet a mysterious person in the woods, she tells them that she can help them. Ray is saved by a cloaked man on a horse in the woods too.

Emma and Ray wake up in a mysterious place. They are both glad that they are safe, but they dont know where they are. They search the place only to find out that the people who saved them are demons too.

Wel pretty good episode except for the non terrifying looking demons. Otherwise I really liked it! @k2122 Liked it too, She doesn’t like to read manga so I usually spoil what’s going to happen later. Thanks again for doing the screencaps for me!

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  1. 🖤 says:

    Ur welcome :3 Also ive seen the pictures of the demons in the manga and they r not that scary :/ Also the aesthetic of the episode so cool as usual bro i love the art

  2. beazt1101 says:

    Im gonna procrastinate just to read this, SEASON 2 CAME OUT??!?! Ima go watch ep 1, read this, THEN DO MY HW, then live stream

  3. beazt1101 says:

    I agree with what u said, I only read 2 manga, so I had to search up how the demons looked in the manga they did look terrifying, the look how they look in the show but the manga has a little feature that makes it terrifying idk what that feature is tho

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