The Promised Neverland Review

The promised neverland is a newer anime that came out last year, It is a very dark anime but an amazing concept. I watch most of my animes on Netflix, and back then, I didn’t want to wait September, so I ended up reading the whole 200 and something chapters of manga in 2 days. But enough about the Manga. I’m going to be reviewing the first season of The Promised Neverland.

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It follows the story of three main characters, Emma, Ray and Norman. They live in a world where they are raised in a house and then adopted when they are chosen. But their is a deeper, darker secret to that.

When One of their ‘siblings’ is getting adopted, she forgot her teddy bunny. Norman and Emma rush to the gate to give it to her, but they dont see her, instead they see a dead Connie (The ‘sibling’) and 2 very tall monsters which they later learnt were demons.

All the kids on the plantation were being raised as food. They lived on a farm, where their brains were being nurtured just to be eaten. Every time I child was adopted, they were just being sent as cattle.

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I really liked this anime, especially as a manga reader, to see it adapted as an animated version is amazing. The art style is really unique. I also loved the background music. I think my favorite character was Ray mainly because he has the same VA as killua.

This anime has amazing and likable side characters, they are really incorporated into the story and also show up a lot in it. its the same in the Manga, Its mainly focused on the 3 main protagonists but its also saves time for side characters too.

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