The amount of effort Pinterest takes vs How much I thought it did

Todays topic is surprisingly not about anime. Its about Pinterest as you can see by the title. So before I started uploading pins to Pinterest, I thought that it would take me over hours to upload 50-100 pins. That’s because when I tried uploading pins for the first time (around 2 years ago) I remember the experience to be hard, prolonging and it took too much effort. I dont know why, but my thoughts of it were way wrong… I must have been doing something wrong, because now it takes me under and hour to upload a lot of pins.

I think that my mind somewhat altered the experience of putting effort into things to make it seem hard, I dont like to put effort into things that dont peak my interest. And back then using my ‘precious’ time to upload pins did not peak my interest. At all.

I definitely had a change of heart recently, because I like to do now is upload pins! Which is good and bad, good in a way because I’m doing something productive, bad because its the only productive thing I do, Imp literally slacking in school HW cause of Pinterest. But I’m all caught up now.

In conclusion, Pinterest little to no effort now (in my case). This post was pretty short, I think my productivity is lowering…. Anyway I’ll end it with this odd screencap that I took which is super low quality and bad, so bad that its good? Oh and if you want to find my Pinterest, here it is.

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  1. ๐Ÿ–ค says:

    Lol i love the cursed screenshot u took yesterday

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