Tengen Uzui: The Sound Hashira

(Before I start this post, just wanted to let you know that I will be having a 9 week series dedicated to the Hashiras, each week one Hashiras will be reviewed)

Tengen Uzui, Also known as the sound Hashira is quite a flamboyant person If I do say so myself. First off, When first reading the Demon Slayer Manga, I thought that Uzui was a cold hearted person who liked to see others die but boy was I wrong. He is a very nice person. I think that during the beginning, the readers didn’t know him much, but during his arc, he opened up abit more so the reader could understand more about him.

sharkieใ‚ทใƒฃใƒผใ‚ฏ] โ€” Tea shop and Dreams- Uzui x Fem!Reader

Uzui has a similar power to Zenitsu, we all know that Zenitsu has hearing abilities and Tanjiro has a super human sense of smell. Well, Uzui has his ability that allows him to easily hear noises deep underground, and he uses it to immediately figure out that there are underground tunnels and caves directly beneath him when he’s looking for Tanjiro and Daki.

He does this by analyzing the sounds reflected and resonated through the air by the walls of the caverns, and accurately locates and is even able to guess the number of people inside the tunnels by listening to the sound bouncing from their physical bodies. Crazy right?!

Being a Hashira, He is obviously very strong to have made it to the highest level of the demon slayer Corps. As his main weapons, he uses two larger-than-normal Nichirin Blades, which each have a notch in the sharp ends of their blades and are held together at the hilt by a metal chain.

His swords are said to have large amounts of explosive power, and it is stated that, until Tengen’s fight with Upper Rank 6, no one had ever survived a blow from them. He also carries bombs with him, and uses his sound abilities to make sure there is no collateral damage on humans when throwing them out of his line of sight.

He also is resistance to poison, Has super human strength ans Super human pain resistance. Fun Fact: He comes from a line of Shinobi and so do his three wives.

uzui tengen | Tumblr | ะ”ะตะผะพะฝั‹, ะšะปะธะฝะพะบ, ะœะฐะปัŒั‡ะธะบะธ
After losing his arm and Eye.

He is also the only sound Hashira user, this is due to the fact that he created it by it being similar to Thunder Breathing. Tengen was the only Hashira to ever retire because he lost a Hand and an Eye while fight upper moon 6, Gyutaro.

If you do want to read the demon slayer manga and mainly about Tengen Uzui, then you should read the Entertainment District Arc.

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    I might put this on my list

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    He seems like a totally bad ass character almost like Daredevil with his sound abilities.I haven’t picked up the manga but I’ve watched the anime.

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