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Hero Killer (Webtoon) – Theory Post

SPOILER WARNINGSecond Warning: this is going to contain a lot of opinions that you may not agree with because this is kind of a โ€œfun postโ€. Ok, let’s start then! Lately, I’ve been binging webtoons. However, there is one webtoon that I started reading before my binge, and...


The Remarried Empress- Webtoon Recommendation!

My First webtoon Reccomendation/Review! I read a lot of webtoon daily so It was only a matter of time till I posted a review. I chose The Remarried Empress because, firstly, I haven’t seen any review on it yet, and second… Its a really good Webtoon! Ive said...


My Blog plan for the last Months of 2020 :

So Everyone, I hope you are having a good day, I like to keep my blog formal but still informal at the same time, So I thought that I would write a discussion/Update post for today! So I’ve been watching a lot of gory anime lately so I...