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Top 4 Animes that I’m looking forward to in 2021

We are on the brink of a new year! Only a couple days left till 2021. Im excited and nervous at the same time, who knows what the new year will hold in store for us… 2020 has been a long roller coaster that went mostly downhill, but...


Top 5 Animes I lost interest in/Dropped:

So anime is very interesting to me, i have a blog about it. If it wasnt interesting i wouldnt have started this blog. But there are some animes i start that just dont peek interest to me even after I watch a couple episodes. So today I will...


My First 5 Animes

Ok, so I only started watching anime properly this summer but I think I’ve watched at least 70? I have a list but I’m kind of lazy to actually count. My brother watched anime on the TV and I would just sit, brainlessly and stare at the screen...