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Do Pink Haired Anime girls have short Tempers?

I recently watched Burn the Witch(Keep an eye out for my review soon!), and this theory crosses my mind, do all pink haired anime girls have short tempers? Why this theory crossed my mind? Specifically because of 2 characters, Sakura Haruno and Macy Baljure. They both have pink...


Hashirama Senju: The First Hokage

I don’t usually dedicate posts and series, but todays post (and soon to be series) is dedicated to my friend who’s favorite anime is Naruto. She is an amazing person overall and also one of my only friends who I can discuss anime with. Ok so to the...

Light Yagami- Character Analysis 1

Light Yagami- Character Analysis

Light Yagami is a very controversial character in my opinion. He considered himself the ‘god of the new world’ due to the power of the death that was in his possession. I think that light Yagami was an Anti-Hero like LeLouch from Code Geass. They both had their...