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Top 6 Favorite Anime Trios!

OK, so I didnt know if i wanted to write about duo’s or Trio’s. I feel like there an equal amount of both, so I just went with Trio’s. Anime Trio’s are very iconic, the MC goes through something and along his journey he picks up 2 friends...


Top 5 Anime Characters That Are So Easy to Hate

There so many characters out there, Some which are so annoying or so evil, that you cant help but hate them. Todays list is abit unique, I’m going to tell you about 5 Anime Characters I despise with my whole heart. (This is also kind of a Rant...


My First 5 Animes

Ok, so I only started watching anime properly this summer but I think I’ve watched at least 70? I have a list but I’m kind of lazy to actually count. My brother watched anime on the TV and I would just sit, brainlessly and stare at the screen...