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Tsunderes or Yanderes?

Which is better, The Tsunderes or the Yanderes? In my opinion I’ve got to go with the Tsunderes but Yanderes have a good argument too. So they both are of equal status. So What is a Tsundere? When I first started watching anime, People kept saying these words...


Sakura Haruno – A Heated Topic (Guest Post!)

I’m sure if any of you have watched Naruto, you’ve heard of Sakura. Hot headed, short tempered, strong, determined, and caring. Before I say anything, let me warn you, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven’t finished the Naruto or Naruto Shippuden series, and a bit of the Boruto...


My Blog plan for the last Months of 2020 :

So Everyone, I hope you are having a good day, I like to keep my blog formal but still informal at the same time, So I thought that I would write a discussion/Update post for today! So I’ve been watching a lot of gory anime lately so I...