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Top 5 anime that make me nostalgic

Ive been watching anime for maybe about 3 or 4 years, so not exactly that much compared to the veterans of anime blogging. But every time I watch specific animes, nostalgia comes flooding in. Today’s post is about 5 animes that make me nostalgic. 1- Full Metal Alchemist:...


Top 5 Anime Characters That Are So Easy to Hate

There so many characters out there, Some which are so annoying or so evil, that you cant help but hate them. Todays list is abit unique, I’m going to tell you about 5 Anime Characters I despise with my whole heart. (This is also kind of a Rant...


Do Pink Haired Anime girls have short Tempers?

I recently watched Burn the Witch(Keep an eye out for my review soon!), and this theory crosses my mind, do all pink haired anime girls have short tempers? Why this theory crossed my mind? Specifically because of 2 characters, Sakura Haruno and Macy Baljure. They both have pink...