Sushiii’s Top 5 Anime with Serene Scenery

Fancy title there right? I unexpectedly used alliteration without realizing it. Well since you’ve read the title, you know what this post is about. Serene Scenery! I love calm places, that have little to no people and a lot of nature. Im scared of animals, so preferably just nature, not animals.

Anime does wonders when it comes to animating scenery and landscapes, I always wish that I can see something like that in real life. It makes me feel calm and peaceful when looking at it. But also makes me feel empty, Im not sure why though. While this world is very beautiful and has its wonders, so does anime. I narrowed down my favorite 5 sceneries, so here we go!

#1 Hotarubi No Mori e

I rewatched Hotarubi No Mori e 2 weeks ago and this time I didn’t cry. I’ve noticed that since I’ve become a blogger, my eyes have become more attentive to detail, so the first thing I noticed during my rewatch was the scenery that sprouted the idea for this post. Hotarubi No Mori e’s scenery really played into its plot, and as a watcher, I felt like I was there experiencing their experiences with them.

#2 Attack on Titan

Do you know the saying “Stop and smell the roses”? That saying is a perfect example of Attack on Titan. No doubt the story of this anime is amazing, but sometimes we get distracted by it that we never actually realize the scenery in the anime, it’s more about the action than the looks. We just have to relax and take in the scenery every once in a while to take our mind off other things.

To be honest, I didn’t stop to smell the roses. I only noticed the scenery because I was watching a video, and someone mentioned that Attack on Titan has amazing scenery, so I went in for a rewatch, and only then did I realize that it had extremely beautiful and serene scenery. It almost put me at peace and took my mind of the plot for a little while.


As you can see in the gallery caption, LINK CLICK is a donghua, which if you don’t know, is a Chinese animation. I’ve only watched 2 other Chinese animations besides this one (Mo Dao Zu shi and Scissor Seven) and this one seemed very unique, story-wise and animation-wise. As of today (July 1st) the anime is still airing, but I hope that doesn’t put you off from checking it out!

I love the use of greenery in this anime, and fun fact: I cried during one of the episodes in this anime. I think Im becoming too emotional… Anyway on to the next one!

#4 No game No Life

Well No game No life wasnt exactly an anime that excited me story-wise, but I was entrapped in its colorful scenery (It might actually be the reason I didn’t drop the anime.) Im not a big Isekai fan, and I don’t feel like this anime did enough to keep me into its story, but luckily the animation did. It had demon slayer vibes as in it had an average story but amazing animation.

#5 Violet Evergarden

This was one of the animes which I’ve rated 10/10 because it truly deserved the rating. When I was reviewing it, I never mentioned the animation nor the scenery so it’s time to give this anime the credit it deserves. Netflix tends to do weird stuff when it comes to anime, but luckily this anime didn’t turn out weird (Thank you Kyoto Animation). I felt at peace when watching it because Nature gives me a sense of relief and this anime as you can see has quite a lot of Nature.

If you could hear and smell pictures, then I know exactly what this sounds like, that’s the type of vibe and aesthetic this anime gave me.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about โ€œHotarubi no mori eโ€ again. I came across that movie through an AMV with over 100 million views (shocking I know) and it just dawned on me thanks to your blog again. If youโ€™re interested the link to said AMV is here, the song and visuals matched and were beautiful:

    Have you watched any Makoto Shinkai films? Those ones were spectacular visually I found so I was a bit surprised not to see any of his flicks on your list.

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      I actually discovered Hotarubi No Mori e through that exact AMV too! I have watched Your name, Garden of words and weathering with you and their visuals were amazing but even though they were extremely beautiful, they didn’t have a calm effect on me.

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