Soul Society Arc (Bleach)

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Ok, so Bleach is on of The Big Shonen animes ever, loads of people compare it to Naruto and One Piece, and say it doesn’t belong on the hierarchy… but I’m gonna disagree with you there. Bleach has some great characters, Story lines, plot and so much more. So I’m here today to tell you about my favorite Bleach Arc. Lets Get Started!

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Soul Society is the place where the dead go after dying. Ichigo and his friends go to Soul Society to save Rukia. Rukia was going to be executed because she gave Ichigo Shinigami powers without permission.

This Arc gave all the characters great development in power. Almost all the characters have to go against one of the 12 captains.

Ishida the Quincy, had to go against Captain Mayuri. This captain is kind of creepy looking, and that’s no surprise since he experiments on beings. He had experimented on all Quincies and wasn’t interested in fighting Ishida, He was more interested in Orihime’s healing and rejection abilities. But Ishida needed him to be interested if he wanted to save Orihime. During the short Training Arc before this, Ishida acquired a stronger Quincy power. He had special gloves that gave him new powers, BUT, there is a (Always..) consequence…

if Ishida ever breaks the seal on the glove his Power would overwhelm making him stronger than a captain, but only for a short while after that, he would lose his quincy powers.

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One of Ishida’s Best Battles!

Using this Overwhelming power, Ishida was able to make the captain use his Bankai, and was still able to defeat him! but in the end he lost his Quincy powers , (But not for long, If you’ve watched The Bount Arc! )

Next We have Ichigo Kurosaki. The MC has awesome battles in all animes, and that makes Bleach no exception. In my opinion, Ichigo’s top 2 battles in this would be Ichigo vs Byakuya and Ichigo vs Kenpachi. Another Important factor in this Arc that makes it amazing is Ichigo uses his Bankai for the first time throughout the Whole series!

Ichigo vs Kenpachi was epic, since Kenpachi doesnt know his zanpakuto’s name… he relies on force and strenght only to win battles. The Kenpachi squad is known for their strenght so their captain is obviously gonna be super strong. In my opinion, Kenpachi is one of the strongest captains and can measure up to ichigo.

Ichigo and Kenpachi started out their battle, Kenpachi strikes Ichigo but Ichigo couldn’t cut Kenpachi even though he had a zanpukto. Ichigo was lying on the ground later during the battle due to loss. He then met Zangestu aka his zanpukto, He learned to unlock a new level of power and Zangestu was willing to lend his power to Ichigo. combined with Ichigoโ€™s huge reserves of reiatsu, plus the fact that, at the time, Zaraki still didnโ€™t know the name of his zanpukto, Zangestu said that Zarakiโ€™s zanpakutouโ€™s spirit was in agony (despite Zarakiโ€™s enormous power output) – which created a kind of cap to Zarakiโ€™s fighting power -Ichigoโ€™s attack was able to wound and knock the Kenpachi down, defeating him.

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Fun Fact: Kenpachi were an Eye patch which absorbs spiritual pressure, so when he took his eye patch off, it released all the absorbed spiritual pressure and it was ALOT. I repeat ALOT. Even with this advantage, Ichigo was able to win.

Next is Ichigo vs Byakuya, As you may or may not already now, Byakuya’s Zanpukto is named Senbonzakura, And his Bankai is named Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Basically, it is very powerful because it becomes 1000 tiny blades, and it looks like cherry blossoms. He had defeated ichigo once, But now ichigo had his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Ichigo was winning, and that lead to Byakuya releasing his Bankai, But ichigo won using a final Strike.

ichigo vs byakuya | Tumblr

Chad had a great character development too, even though he is a side character that doesnt get that much attention, he had to go against Captain Kyoraku. Even though Chad had great strength during this battle, it wasn’t enough to keep up with The Captains strength. In the End chad lost.

Shunsui Kyลraku | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom

In this Arc, I learnt that there is alot of corruption in the 12 squads, everyone wanted more power. This Arc was great because it was the start of Aizens betrayal and greed for power, but thats another Arc for another time.

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