SK8: The Infinity – Episode 3

Well this episode was just, wow. Everything about it was amazing. Well except for the Hisoka looking guy. He has a name, but He gives off too many Hisoka vibes to be called by his name. On this blog he will be known as *drumroll* Hisoka V2! So Original right? No, Not really. Anyway, @k2122 was very engrossed into the episode that she didn’t realize how many Screencaps she took. Honestly, she has a super power for taking so many! She took 100 Screencaps from this episode! I was amazed, Thanks K.

The Episode starts out with Langa agreeing to do a ‘beef’ against Chinen aka cat boy. Reki tries to convince him not to, but Langa, being stubborn ends up doing the beef agaisnt chinen.

They go out to a skate park to practice, and Chinen follows them. Chinen is a show off honestly. He was doing tricks to make himself look better. He beat Langa and Reki at tricks, But can he beat Langa in a race? Hmmmm, We’ll see.

Reki tries to make changes to Langas board to make it better for him to ride. Reki is the ultimate mechanic, Honestly, I think he is better at being a Mechanic than skating. Not that hes bad at skating or anything.

We get some flashbacks of Chinen’s childhood and they are filiming an interview for him because he is a Japanese team hopeful.

Reki got an Idea, You see the wheel from the chair in the Gallery, Well, he is going to use those wheels for Langa’s board, since langa wants to be able to turn on all sides without slowing down. Super Smart idea!

Hisoka V2 is stalking Langa? I think he needs to stop, wayyy too underage for him. Cant touch a Minor…

I loved the half time chibi animation, it was Kawaiiii! Langa’s facial expressions are everything!

And the beef is on! The bet is on, if Langa loses, then Reki becomes his ‘dog’, basically his Lacky who does everything for him.

Shadows Car is an absolute mood. Its pink first of all. Nothing that seems like shadow would have. I like his dual personalities, its interesting.

And Langa wins thanks to Reki’s board adjustments, by a fraction. I dont even know who the MC is anymore, Langa or Reki?

Cat boys back story is really sad, people left him just because he was better at skating…

But Reki and Langa will be there for him, they are never going to leave!

Uh- Hisoka V2 is here, his real name is Adam. But he is a literal Pedophile, He was touching Langa abit too much in some odd places. He also looks like Hisoka, The build and the hair style and everything.

That’s the End… What did you think of this weeks episode?

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4 Responses

  1. 🖤 says:

    bro i hate the hisoka dude and i will always hate him i been hating him. Also Chinen is cute :3

  2. shiza khan says:

    I always add to my list whatever anime you are reviewing in your blog I must say this show didn’t disappoint me at all. I felt like being in my teenage years again. street vibes (music, dope gear, etc) that this show gave were most amazing. though I am a bit taken aback now as fans are shipping reiki and Langa together gosh I didn’t get any gay vibes from reiki but eww I just don’t like gay stuff I mean I had put down bsd because of gay ships. guys can have normal friendships too

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      Im glad that my reviews inspire you to watch the anime! I think whenever there are 2 male characters without a female character, someone will always end up shipping them even though it isnt canon.

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