SK8: The Infinity – Episode 2

Episode 2! Welcome back to my weekly episode review on SK8: The Infinity. This weeks episode was based around Langa trying to learn how to do an Ollie. According to Reki, it takes around 3 Months to learn how to do an Ollie.. Lets see how long it takes Langa to learn to do one.

Well, It starts of with Reki trying to teach Lanka to balance on a board. But it was a fail. Honestly, I laugh every time Langa duct tapes his feet to a skateboard. Its a skate board, not a snow board. But he was a snow boarder, so I’m guessing he doesn’t feel safe with his feet not attached.

So Reki demonstrates to him how to balance on a board, and they start practcing during school. The teacher starts to chase them and Langa gets caught because Reki hadnt taught him to turn on a skate board. The way they animated that scene was so funny because it seemed like Langa was going to turn the corner without learning how, but nope.

He ended up crashing into the wall.

These people. The last guy in the corner is actually shadow! Who knew he had a soft side, it was a total plot twist! And the other 2, One is Cherry, the known Local at S, and the other one is his ‘sidekick’… that’s how ill put it.

Langa has been coming home with loads of bandages on his face, and his mom thinks he is actually getting bullied. But he assures her that he is just learning to skate.

Reki starts to make a custom board for langa to fit his preferences. He make sthe board wider and adds straps to them for langas feet. He makes it seem like a snowboard on wheels.

Instead of studying, they are watching skating video’s and tutorials during class. If only I could ace school like that.

NAILED HIS FIRST OLLIE! In only 2 weeks. I really want to learn to skate board now!

This little dude in the corner wants to have beef with Langa (Beef as in a race with him) This tiny dude is actually a very famous racer in S. And he wants to have beef with Langa! Finally, Langa is getting some recognition!

Thats it for this weeks Episode review. Thanks for reading!

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  1. 🖤 says:

    Bro it took me a month to learn how to do an ollie lol. Also i already rly like Miya he’s rly cool

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