SK8 The Infinity- Episode 1

Another Episode Review! I didn’t really expect much from this anime, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first episode was extremely promising, and the animation was so good! I cant wait for the next episode! I only get hyped while watching specific animes, I surprisingly got super hyped while watching this one, it was sooo epic!

If you dont already know SK8 is meant to be an abbreviation for skate. And that means this is a skateboarding anime, the first skateboarding anime i’ve seen. @k2122 Thanks for doing the screencaps for me! She has some special button on her computer that does it for her, its basically her superpower. You are a life saver!

The First scene starts out with a boy (supposedly the MC) racing against the ‘ugly’ looking guy named shadow. 5 minutes into the show and I hate shadow, he is a really big cheat! Reki was about to win against him, but Shadow being a cheat, threw explosices which cause Reki to injure his arm….

Now we have our canadian transfer student who apparently loves snow. He transfers to Reki’s high school and meets him while he is skate boarding. A start of a good friendship! Reki asks Langa to stop his board, and in the pictures above, you can see that langa tries to ride it, but quickly falls off.

I loved the hlaf episode animation, it had this thing…. Langa trying to ride a skateboard in Kawaii animation!

Japanese food looks so good…. Reki makes his own board, and is showing langa how he does it since Langa gets a job at the same place as him. He is meant to deliver a new board to client at ‘S’. Your not allowed to talk about S, and you need to have a badge/sticker to get in, S isn kind of like a club for skaters, where you race in an old mine.

Spoiler alert! Langa is actually a Snowboarder! No wonder he missed snow so much. Langa brought the wrong board to the client, and he had to race against shadow due to that. If only he did his job well. Langa TAPED his feet to the board, taped? and when the referee said GO, he just stood there…… He had to use his hands to get to the downhill part because he doesn’t know how to skate on skate board…. I got second hand embarrassment when he just stood there, waiting for himself to move.

Random Hisoka looking guy watching Langa skate.. Odd.

He does some cool tricks near the end… If only I was this good at skate boarding. Oh by the way Kira thinks that Langa looks like Ash from Banana fish. I wouldn’t know cause I haven’t watched Banana fish, so I had to search up who Ask was…. Im not a fan of Yaoi or BL.

The Hisoka looking guy is stalking them…..

Im literally so excited to for the next episode! I Cannot wait!

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5 Responses

  1. I forgot to add this onto the post., I will not be posting anything next week because I have end of semester tests. I might write something in advance… There will still be the Episode reviews though.

  2. 🖤 says:

    So far i rly liked the show its rly cool. Plus i just wanted to say im not rly fan of bl or yaoi either i was just recommended the show. Also as a person who has been snowboarding and currently does skateboarding i feel like this anime could bring a lot more ppl into it more, sort of like wat haikyuu did w volleyball.

  3. ummhimayah says:

    Did you see the next time? It seems funny legit Lanko is learning about Japan from Reki and by the end of it he’s like Japan is confusing. But yeah Lanko seems awesome very chill which is a pun in itself, anyone else begging Shadow not to get redeemed because we don’t want to like the guy.

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