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So I decided that my first post on this new blog will be to continue my Hashira series which I do from time to time. Im almost done with this series, and just have one more Hashira after Sanemi. Anyway, let’s get started!

Im sure that if you’ve watched demon slayer, Sanemi left an interesting first impression, well he did for me at least. By just that one scene, I could tell that sanemi was stubborn, hot-headed, and doesn’t bow down to anyone except Ubayashiki. The anime doesn’t show this, but the reason Sanemi’s personality is like that is because he has lost too many people in the past.

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He had half a dozen siblings, but his mother was accidentally turned into a Demon and ended up killing all of them except one, Sanemi took responsibility for that, and killed his mother to protect his younger brother. He also had to go through the pain of his master/teacher dying when they were defeating Lower Moon 1. So that’s why he harbors hate against all demons.

I thought that Sanemi was just super against demons because they killed people and that’s why he didn’t want to accept nezuko, but due to his past, he believed Humans and Demons can never Co-Exist. Luckily Nezuko showed him they could when she stopped herself from drinking his blood.

Sanemi was one of the 2 demon slayers who didn’t die, Even though he went up against upper Moon 1 along with some of his fellow hashira. I didn’t really like Sanemi during the anime, But once I learned about him in the manga, I was interested in his story, and he became a very likable character to me.

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