Sakura Matou – A character who defected to the ‘Dark Side’

We all know that main characters in stories go through hardship, but they barely ever defect to the darkside. Sakura is not a main character but she is a side character. Todays topic is about Sakura Matou, the heir to the Matou family, who will bring the holy grail to them.

In the Heavens Feel route of Fate series, we get to see more of Sakura then in the other series. It was mentioned in Fate/Zero that Sakura had an enormous amount of mana and was extremely strong, but she had decided to stay out of the Holy Grail war because she didn’t want to hurt her sister Tohsaka or Shirou.

But the heavens feel route, it shows what happened when Sakura chose to take part in the holy grail war. Well, she didnt defect to the darkness but more the darkness took over her.

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Dark Sakura!

Sakura is the Biological sister of Rin Tohsaka but they gave her to the Matou family due to the fact the Matou’s didn’t have an heir to the family, since her adopted brother, Shinji was incapable of Magic, he didn’t have enough Mana to be trained as an heir. They willingly gave her to the Matou Family who treated her terribly.

Sakura was the original Master of Rider, but under pressure from Shinji, and her desire not to hurt Shirou and Rin, she yields her Master Rights and Command Seals to Shinji, giving him her spot as Riders Master.

During Heavens Feel, Evil Sakura becaomes the Master of Saber Alter, Rider, and Blackened Berserker. Sakura was slowly becoming evil, but when she Kills shinji she gave into the darkness and Became dark Sakura, this is how she was able to take control of Saber.

Sakuras Grand father, Zouken has so much greed in his heart, he corrupted Sakuras soul with Angra Mauyo, which is darkness, just so his family could win the holy grail war. The darkness manifested when Sakura summoned Rider, and she tried to dismiss it but she couldnt, and took over her.

In my opinion, I think Sakura was a good character, but the Tohsaka’s shouldn’t have given her to the Matou’s. The Matou’s have a bad way of doing things.

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