Sakura Haruno – A Heated Topic (Guest Post!)

I’m sure if any of you have watched Naruto, you’ve heard of Sakura. Hot headed, short tempered, strong, determined, and caring.

Before I say anything, let me warn you, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven’t finished the Naruto or Naruto Shippuden series, and a bit of the Boruto series, there are definitely spoilers ahead. Now that I’ve warned you, let me continue.

I’ll start by talking about her childhood. As a young girl, Sakura was bullied because of her large forehead, and often tried to hide it by growing bangs, which only made other kids make fun of her more. Then she met Ino, who helped her by making her comfortable with herself.

Sakura GIF on GIFER - by Windmaster
Sakura and Ino

When she joined the academy, she would make fun of Naruto and didn’t hold him in high esteem, which I din’t like her for.

Then Naruto happens. And then people start acknowledging him, along with Sakura. Now, I didn’t really like Sakura in the beginning. And I’m sure most people didn’t too. She would only rely on Naruto and Sasuke, and was pretty smart, but was definitely weak. After Sasuke left the village, she really realized how weak and useless she was, and decided to change herself. This is also when I decided to change my views in her as well.

tsunade sama i did it! | via Tumblr on We Heart It
“Finally, I did it!”

Sakura started training under Tsunade. It’s funny, Sakura had always had good chakra control, which was exactly what she needed to be a good medical-nin. And oh, was she good! At 15 years old she was more skilled at poison expertise than the best poison expert in Sunagakure(Village Hidden by Sand), Lady Chiyo.

She is also very strong in taijutsu, as shown when fighting Sasori, Shin(A multiple-Mangekyo weilding opponent) and many other characters. She also has that “monster strength” she got from her excellent chakra control, which helps her deliver one, strong punch that finishes her enemies off, or damage them pretty bad.
Sakura vs Sasori’s 100 puppet army

Now, the thing most people hate her for is that she is “useless”. But really, she isn’t. Honestly, I think people just refuse to look at all of her accomplishments, and only look at her faults(which make her more human tbh).

She also played a HUGE roll during the 4th Shinobi World War, where she healed thousands of ninja by using Strength of A Hundred Seal and Creation: Rebirth, and important characters including Kakashi, Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, and many others. Sakura also helped defeat Kaguya, punching her from above so that she couldn’t escape while Naruto and Sasuke did Chibaku Tensei.


Now, one thing i never expected to happened kinda happened. You see, I never wanted to be those stereotypical girls who just like pink and purple and unicorns and makeup and Elsa and Anna(dont ask how I know about them, my 8-year old cousin obsessed with them). I kinda wanted to be what are I guess called tomboys. So I hated pink and hated makeup(and still hate it) and all those stuff related to “weak girls”.

Sakura v/s Shin* - Naruto Shippuuden photo (40959307) - fanpop
Sakura vs Shin

But after watching Naruto Shippuden, I saw how strong characters could be while also being “girly” and having pink(Sakura) and purple(Konan) hair, but still being epic and not weak, breaking that stereotype. And now I don’t ever associate pink or purple and “weak” together. Which is a nice thing(imo). So yeah, that was one thing I wanted to add.

So yeah. That’s all I got for now. If you have any suggestions and stuff, I’ll add them. And sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! You can call me @happyanimecamper. I won’t be doing too many posts, but I hoped you enjoyed this one!

Also, after all that reading, I’d like to add a song I like to let your brains cool off. Thanks for reading, and hope you’ll enjoy!

From “Tales from Earthsea”, a Studio Ghibili Movie



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13 Responses

  1. shiza khan says:

    Sakura isn’t useless. she could have been my fav from the series if she started appreciating naruto no one is asking her to love him just a little appreciation though I liked the fact she never gives him any false hopes. but I don’t get her fangirling over sauske I mean girl have some ego .

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Honestly Sakura isnโ€™t that bad of a character but the only reason I donโ€™t like her is because she cries all the time.

  3. I think that all the sakura haters only looked at her faults and didnt recognize her achievements. But she was a really good character in shippuden.

    • shiza khan says:

      Honestly speaking all female characters had some major flaws that’s why my fav from the series was kushina and Sasuke’s mom cause they had ambitions of their own not just fangirling over guys. sakura could have been better if she had appreciated naruto from start but we get her personality changed in Shippuden that’s a plus:”))

  4. uzzenolike says:

    I mean she was alright in shippuden but I seriously thought she was going to die in the sasori fight

  5. uzzenolike says:

    Yah because of the granny but I will give her some credit

  6. uzzenolike says:

    Umm maybe ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. MangaHub says:

    Sakura had some good moments, but I feel like people were disappointed in her for not living up to Sasuke and Naruto who became pretty much gods by the end of the series, lol.

    • happyanimecamper says:

      yeah, thats pretty accurate

      Sakura also never allowed to fight on the battlefront since she is a medical ninja, and Medical ninja must never be harmed so that they can save the other shinobi. So, many people only look to fighting power/screentime of characters, but her development is in character and a bit in fighting power.

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