Record of Ragnarok – Another Netflix letdown?

Netflix is back at it again with another anime, and I don’t know how to feel about it. I honestly think Netflix should stop animating good manga, 2021 doesn’t seem like their year at all. First The way of the House Husband, then Yasuke (Not a manga), and now Record of Ragnarok. Netflix isn’t always a letdown though when it comes to anime, they’ve done some nice things like Violet evergarden, Little Witch Academia, and SDS.

Back to the topic of Record of Ragnarok. I love action animes, in fact, it’s my most-watched tag. With 161 animes in total for action! Since I seem to be an action-fanatic, I usually know when something good or not. When I look for action animes, I love fluid fight scenes, little to no dialogue during fights, and no interrupting flashbacks in the middle of a battle, and if the animation is good, that makes it even better! But unfortunately, Record of Ragnarok lacked in almost all of those things.

The only faith I had in this anime rested on him

The first scene started out pretty nice, and the voice acting was amazing, but when it came to the actual battles, I was greatly disappointed. The animation wasnt necessarily animation, it wasnt as bad as The way of The Househusband, but it was that great either. It had movement (as in wind effects), but it was also quite still, and there was a lot of CGI which was another letdown. Im not against CGI, but when it’s used in such ways as this, I can’t help but dislike it. Apart from the animation, let’s talk about how the battles were layout.

You have an introduction of the two opponents, a bit of a fight, and then a random flashback during an important scene. The flashbacks hit right into the heart, and not in a good way. It was like being stabbed. When the anime seemed to be getting somewhere, they had to ruin it by messing up the layout of the battle. No one wants a flashback during the middle of a battle! Im getting Naruto vs Sasuke flashbacks now, but at least that fight got somewhere. The flashbacks seemed intensely long compared to the actual fights.

The characters were based on different gods from different religions and cultures. I think that this anime is banned in India though due to them animating one of the Hindu gods. I only liked two of the characters in the anime, Brunnhilde and Adam. Brunnhilde’s attitude was pleasing, and how the people she picked to go against the gods made it even better. She was a surprising character with different twists. I respect Adam, mainly because of his one quote where he said “Does a father need a reason to protect his children?”. Not only did he bring all of humanity together, but he brought me together with them. There was also the character Aphrodite, which I think was just a use of fanservice which annoyed me a lot. I can’t say much about her, but so far I dislike her.

Yaracuy The Motherland
I watch too much Marvel, I was surprised when they said he was Thor.

To make sure that my review was a fair match, I read a couple of chapters from the manga because a lot of people were saying that it is much better than the anime, and I have to say that the pacing of the manga was so much better than the anime. The detail in the drawings was great too! The anime completely butchered the character designs and art style. So if you plan to watch this anime,don’t. I suggest just reading the manga instead.

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  1. As a manga reader Record of ragnarok is the biggest letdown of this year and here is the fun fact, this anime has been produced by warner bros japan and later on they realized that what crap they’d made and that’s why they sold it to Netflix.

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