Phantom Troupe Arc

Hey Guys, Im starting a new series about the ‘Best Arcs In Anime History’ so todays Arc will be about The Phantom Troupe Arc from Hunter x Hunter.

Honestly, In my Opinion… I think that the phantom troupe and chimera ant acs are the best arcs, they have such interesting stories, and even show the characters develop so much.

The Phantom Troupe arc was 22 episodes (Incase you wanna know, it was episodes 37 to 58) For those who’ve watch Hunter x Hunter, You should remember that Gon made a promise to meet Kurapika and Leorio on September 1st at YorkNew City for the Infamous auction. They had received intel that The Phantom Troupe would be at that auction.

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I’m gonna start with Kurapika’s EPIC character development… Kurapika is a Conjurer Nen type, but when his eyes turn scarlet, his nen type turns to a special nen type (His Eyes turn Scarlet because it is a feature that only the Kurta Clan has, Think of it as the Uchiha clan and they have sharingans) As the sole survivor of the Kurta Clan, He wanted revenge on the Phantom troupe for killing his clan to steal their eyes.

Kurapikas first victim was ***Drumroll*** Uvogin!

Uvogin is an Enhancer type, who are known for their simple mindedness. He focused his nen on his talents and abilities which for him would be His muscles. Using his brawn, he is able to take his strength to super human levels, but like what nen user isn’t super human, am I right?!

An enhancer vs A Conjurer, Who would win? well lets go into abit of detail: Kurapika is both a conjurer and a Special so he had an advantage, and since his eyes are activated by emotions, for this person who killed his Clan, he was able to use his specialist nen and conjurer at the same time. He took down Uvogin, one of the strongest phantom troupe members and that sent a message to the phantom Troupe….. KURAPIKAS COMING FOR Y’ALL,!!

well they don’t know its him, they know is the mysterious ‘Chain User’.

This Battle was one of the most important ones in the Phantom Troupe/Yorknew City arc. Kurapika was also able to take down Pakunoda, She wasnt too strong so ya. She could check peoples memories to the darkest ends of their minds, which is pretty cool.

Kurapika was also able to use his nen ability on Chrollo, If Chrollo ever talked to a Phantom Troupe Member again, he would die due to the dagger placed near his heart (Another one of Kurapikas abilities!)

as you can see, Kurapikas Character development was super important to this arc!

I think the Phantom Troupe stealing from the auction is basically them sending a message that they are cutting ties with the mafia… They don’t directly say why they are hijacking the auction, but I was able to come to that conclusion based of what they’ve done so far โ€ฆ.

Thanks for reading!! Tommorow I will post about another arc!

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  1. k2122 says:

    Bruh but tbh the Greed Island Arc was really cool too it had a lot of character development and stuff and like we also got to learn a whole lot more abt nen in general too

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