My Top 4 Psychological Animes

I enjoy animes all different types of animes, but Psychological animes always have a different aspect to them that make me love them. I would say that apart from supernatural anime, Psychological ones are my favorite, They are just.. amazing. So today Im going to be telling you about my top 4 favorite Psychological Animes!

#1 Angels Of Death

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When I started out my blog, I wrote a review about this anime, (You can find it here) I really loved it because, first up (@k2122, this is for you lol) one of the Characters, Zack, has the same VA as Bakugo from My Hero Academia. Apart from Voice actors, the anime in general was amazing, it had a perfect amount of drama, suspense and gore. It is about a girl named Rachel Gardner who wants to die, and she meets a guy named Zack who said he will kill her if she helps him. If you know me then you know I can never not talk about animation styles, and the animation for this anime was amazing too! Definitely a solid 8.5/10 score for this anime if I had to rate it.

#2 Erased

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One of the first animes I ever watched was erased, and I love rewatching it too. I think I’ve rewatched it around 5-6 times, and that’s because its an amazing anime. The anime follows a man named Satoru who is an aspiring manga artist. He leads a normal life, except for the fact that he has a super natural power which he calls โ€˜Revivalโ€™. Satoru find himself a couple minutes in the past to find and solve whatever wrong is about to happen, this is Revival. One day he travels 20 years back in time to solve/save someone from a future murder. Interesting plot right?

#3 Mononoke

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This one is a super under the radar anime and I dont ever see it mentioned anywhere. I think that’s because its super unique and has a very different approach on the animation style. The animation isnt like your normal anime, it looks different but is still really good. Its also a pretty old anime since it was made in 2007, so 14 years ago. Its basically about a medicine seller man as he deals with different spirits in japan. He combats them with knowledge of the supernatural and can only slay the spirit when he learns the truth behind their appearance and behavior.

#4 Wonder Egg Priority

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This anime may still be airing, but I think it has great potential so far, I wont count it as a favorite yet until I see the whole thing, But I definitely recommend watching it. The story follows a girl name Ohto Ai, and how she gets a mysterious egg from an abandoned arcade. Ok so its really hard to explain what happens next without spoiling, but its is a very interesting anime, and it does have gore even thought it may look like a super happy anime.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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6 Responses

  1. ๐Ÿ–ค says:

    eee yess i love Zack hes so cool. Also wonder egg priority was actually better than I thought it would be. When ever I watched it w u i assume it would be an Adventure type of wholesome anime BUT DANG I WAS WRONG. Also every time I see Aoi the first thing that comes to my mind is Coraline lol

  2. NSGBeazt says:

    Wonder egg priority is psychological I thought it was cute girls doing cue things

  3. shiza khan says:

    Somebody suggested tatami galaxy I would recommend you to watch it haven’t watched it myself yet :/.all of these look nice ๐ŸŒธ

  4. Cool post! Wonder Egg Priority and Angels Of Death are very high on my to-watch list.

  5. Oh yes Angels of Death has been on my to-be-watched/read list for a while now… and comparing Zack to a character from my โœจfavoriteโœจanime is convincing me further ๐Ÿ˜†

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