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This was my first ever blog post, I am not proud of it but im not going to delete it either, I wrote it 3 months ago and im just going to tell my younger self, you were very bad at writing, like super bad, glad I improved tho.

Ok SO,

The trivial topic of Team 7, Sakura, Sasuke and Ofcourse….. Naruto.

Lets start with Sakura, Ahhhhh…. Useless Sakura, She is COMPLETELY USELESS in Naruto, But Not so bad in Shippuden, But, ya know…. still pretty bad. In Naruto, All she does is Flirt with Sasuke and like doesn’t even try to grow up, always crying and when Naruto saves her, she is like ‘Thanks Sasuke’!

like, WHAT!?

In Shippuden, she had a bigggggg character development, she was trained by the 5th Hokage in Medical Jutsu which is Useful, She also is good at concentrating chakra into her fist. I guess if she punched you with a chakra infused fist, you’d be severly injured, if not dead….

But still you know,

during the 4th Ninja War, she said, finally I’ve caught up with these 2, but she was no where near caught up, I’m just gonna translate that into my mind as ‘finally, I cant stand by their side without having to be protected’.

OK, but y’all have to agree that she has THE BEST summoning justu… during the pain vs Naruto arc, all she had to do was shout NARUTOOOOOOOO!!!!!! and he appeared haha…


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Next Up: Sasuke!

Sasuke was a strong character right from the beginning of the Naruto story, He was the only surviving member of the Uchiha Clan. He was also really good at loads of jutsu. His backstory was very interesting too but as a character he was reckless. He let his vengeance consume him to the point of killing his best friend and the girl who liked him. I don’t think that Sasuke saw it but Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura thought of him as family.

But no, he wanted his vengeance for his Clan so he decided to join the ‘Dark Side’ to obtain more hate and power. Like dude, The Village Of Hidden Leaves can make you strong, if only you stayed there!

Anyway, All that said he was a strong character but reckless, arrogant and selfish.

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Last but not Least: Naruto

Well, the main charecter is usually the strongest (like for example in Bleach and Dragon Ball) But in Narutos case, he was weak and careless. He had to train his butt off to get to were he is today. Naruto was a unique case in terms of charecters…. his dad was the 4th hokage who sacrficed his life to save his village by sealing the 9 tailed fox in naruto.

Literally, everyone despised Naruto for that…. the crowd was so biased, once Naruto became strong the loved him. This shows that people only looked at Naruto for his strength and sacrifice, not for the person he is.

In terms of strength, Naruto was a pretty strong character, He trained years with effort and time to become a Hokage and control the nine tails chakra.

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Well, Thanks for reading this Long post… I’m looking for co-creators for my blog to work on posts with me, use the contact page to message me if you want to become one. Also don’t forget to follow this blog for more posts, (The follow button is at the bottom of this page btw).


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3 Responses

  1. k2122 says:

    Throwback to when Sakura said “I’ll handle Madara” then got stabbed right after.
    She isnt just a clown, shes the whole circus lol

  2. MangaHub says:

    Last noteworthy moment for Sakura was defeating Sasori (with a lot of help) imo. Kinda sad how far behind she is compared to the other Team 7 members.

    • AH lol, I didnt know people go deep into my posts haha. My opinions on Team 7 have completely changed now but Sakura vs Sasori was really good! I agree, I think that people judge sakura alot just because the other 2 are stronger than her. My friens did a guest post about Sakura on this blog so you should definitely check that out, Its really tells why sakura should be appreciated more.

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