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Only 3 Hashira’s left after this one! Im back from my Hiatus and thought that I’ll pick up my hashira project that I had on hold (basically dropped) for a while now. Thankyou Everyone for you sweet comments in my previous post, It meant alot to me. Ive got tons of new readers recently so I just want to let them know before they start reading that My posts almost always include Manga Spoilers, Well lets get started!

Muichiro Tokito is a very interesting character, First up, he always happens to daydream all the time and he is also the youngest Hashira at the age of 14. I find it super fascinating that someone that young was able to become a hashira so quick. He is lost in thought most of the time and doesnt show emotion either, but once in a while he might. When he does, Its either super calm or cold and arrogant.

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Muichiro had a twin brother that was killed by a demon, and before his brothers death he is said to have been a super calm, caring and happy person. Well death can change a person so I understand why. After the death, Muichiro lost his memories but had a deep rage within him that pushed him to do excessive training and that lead him to become a hashira.

Muichiro was also on of the 6 out of 9 hashiras who awakened their Demon Slayer mark. He awakened it when going against Upper moon 5, Gyokko. The power of his Mark allowed him to increase his phyiscal strength and abilities 5 fold. And even cooler is that he was poisoned and then unlocked the Mark which EVEN while being poisoned he was able to defeat an Upper Mood Demon Easily! Honestly, The Demon Slayer universe surprises me a lot.

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Well since Muichiro is known for being the Mist Hashira, its only normal if he is a Mist breathing user. Mist breathing is derived from Wind breathing and has 6 forms, but Muichiro was able to create a new form(Just like how Giyuu created an 11th form for Water Breathing) making it a total of 7!

Some interesting facts about Mist Boii, He doesn’t have any pets because he thinks his crow will get jealous, He became a Hashira after only 3 months in the Demon Slayer Corps! Lastly, Muichiro was one of the 7 hashiras to die (I would insert a sad emoji here but i cant, so just imagine its there) He died at the hands of the Upper Demon Moon 1. I hate the demon sooooo much and with all my heart wish he would have died earlier.

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  1. 🖤 says:

    I actually really like him. He was one of my fav Hashiras it was really disappointing to have him die. 🙁

  2. eggheadluna says:

    Welcome back! 🥳 The Mist Hashira seems really neat, I haven’t been reading the manga because I’m waiting for the anime adaptation, so I skimmed over most of the spoilers! Ha-ha!

  3. uzzenolike says:

    I think they already announced it

  4. uzzenolike says:

    Oh that sounds nice

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