Moods of an Attack on Titan Fan

I really wanted to write this post for a longtime and I finally am, Its kind of based off some tiktoks I watched but better. Not a serious post by the way. Its meant to be for fun, I think its kind of relatable too? Well lets get started! Warning, Alot of Caps will be used in this post, i am not screaming, I AM HYPED.

Mood #1: Hype.

I love this salute | Images, Correspondance

Attack on Titan fans generally get hyped up for no reason, When Eren turns into a titan we get hyped. When Erwin screams we get hyped, When Bertholdo and Reiner reveal their ‘true’ forms, Hype. When we listen to any song that has to do with Attack on titan we get hyped. While reading Manga, we get hyped. ANY TIME WE ARE WATCHING AOT. HYPE. End of story, Attack on Titan fans are the definition of HYPE. Even the characters in AOT get hyped, for example, All the eldians getting hyped by screaming GABI! GABI! (in my opinion though, Gabi Sucks)

Mood #2: Being Patriotic to A Country that Doesn’t exist.

Shingeki no Kyojin - Shinzou wo Sasageyo | Attack on titan, Levi ackerman,  Chapter

I think that this one just relates to me, Im not sure about other people. I am randomly patriotic to the country in Attack on Titan, I never ever in a million years would skip one of their opening songs, and when Shinzou Sasageyo comes on I do the AOT Salute during the chorus, and the rest of the song I just get hyped. I don’t know why, But when I watch Attack On titan…. it brightens my mood, not the deaths but the anime in general. (Random story, I was in taekwondo class last year and we were doing blocks, one of the blocks reminded me of the salute so instead of the block, I like any cultured person would do the salute. My teacher just stared at me. )

Mood #3: Depression aka Consumed in Sadness

15 Brutal Anime To Watch | Akibento Blog
See what I mean! never get attached to any character

Not complete depression, more like extreme sadness. I saw this one post along time ago (I don’t remember where) but someone bookmarked all the deaths in attack on titan, well in the first 10 volumes. (EDIT: I Found the picture) Honestly, While I was Watching attack on titan, I took the time to learn every characters name from episode 1. one of the biggest mistakes I made. I also made the mistake of getting attached to cool looking characters, not knowing none of them were wearing plot armor except the MC.

Surprised that book 3 has like, 2 deaths. | Attack on titan anime, Attack  on titan, Titans
Here’s the Picture. Super bad quality sorry.

Ok so thats the end of this very ‘hyped’ post. I cant think of any other moods, can you?

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  1. Aizen_Kuro says:

    I’m very patriotic to Attack on Titan ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Aizen_Kuro says:

    I feel chills every time Eren transfoms

  3. vartika6790 says:

    getting hype is totally normal for anime fans, right!? especially if it’s one of your favorites!!!!.

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