Mitsuri Kanroji: The Love Hashira

The Love Hashira, Mitsuri…. She is a very funny character in my opinion and also super strong. Her back story is very sad though. She is a very happy and bright person who compliments others in her mind because she is too shy to say it to them.

She joined the demon slayer due to the fact that she was desperate to get married and wanted to find a husband who was stronger than her. She was rejected multiple times before joining the demon slayers due to her being ‘Muscular, Masculine and her hair was a very odd color’. Honestly, whoever rejected her did wrong. She is such a kind hearted person worthy of everyones love.

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Unfortunately, she died! OMG, I’m just going to be really informal for second, Her death was so sad, Her beautiful hair was cut off, her ear and her arms, By that jerk Muzan! If only Muzan didn’t exist!

She died early on in the final battle Muzan vs Demon Slayer Corps. But was able to cut of an arm of Muzan, but he basically just re grew it cause hes a demon. She is known to be the fastest of all the demon slayers and also has the most unique sword. The sword she wields is thin and can only be wielded by her. Out of all 9 hashiras, she was one of the only 6 to attain a demon slayer Mark (I’m going to write about the mark soon, so look out for that)

VIZ on Twitter: "Mitsuri's sword is so lovely! Who has your favorite weapon  in the Demon Slayer Corps?… "

She was able to have her wish of being loved by someone, when she was on the verge of death Obanai(the serpent Hashira) told her that he liked her, and they said if they are to get reincarnated as humans in the next life they would marry each other. A happy ended but not at the same time…..

(Quick Announcement, I’m feeling very de-motivated to do the Hokage posts right now, so please bear with me about those. Ill try and write another one soon)

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  1. vartika6790 says:

    Love Hashira was really strong and beautiful. And the two of them ended together in the last chapter of manga. Loved your blog!

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