Light Yagami- Character Analysis

Light Yagami is a very controversial character in my opinion. He considered himself the ‘god of the new world’ due to the power of the death that was in his possession. I think that light Yagami was an Anti-Hero like LeLouch from Code Geass. They both had their own way to shape the world, and thinking it would be better of like that

Light Yagami is one of the greatest characters that show power can change someone. Before having possession of the Death Note, he was a Hardworking, smart and talented genius. He was a model student with good looks, everyone looked up to him.

One Light Yagami came in possession of the death note, he wanted to create a new world in which he would be the god of the new world, he would eliminate all sinners with the death note. Even though he was killing people, he thought it was for a good cause. He didn’t realize that himself, he was a sinner. He was fine with killing hundreds of thousands of people and continuing on with his day.

He believed he was serving justice to the worlds sinners. I think that due to his good reasoning and problem solving skills, he wasn’t caught early on in the series.

Light Yagami (Kira) - Death Note GIF on We Heart It
Look how innocent he is!

I don’t think that Light was correct to judge the worlds sinner, and keeping people HE deemed trustworthy and Honest. L was an honest person, he was properly serving justice to the world sinners, but Light Yagami thought that he was against ‘the new world free from injustice. ‘

This all leads to show that power can change a man, he went from Model student to cold blooded killer that did so without a second thought.

Let me know your guys opinions on Light Yagami. Thanks for reading this short post!

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