Lets Talk about the New Haikyuu Animation

(I’m back, I felt bad for leaving the blog post till Friday, so I woke up early to write a short post, sorry if its kind of sloppy though. Next post will be on either Saturday or Sunday)

SO I haven’t started season 4 yet, but I have been watching almost all the clips I can find on YouTube. And all I can say is that I didn’t like the animation, And I don’t think you guys liked it either. Everyone in the comments of the videos are back lashing it.

kenma kitten | Tumblr

Honestly, I think its just cause I’ve watched 3 whole seasons with a different animation style so when I see the new one, my eyes just cant adjust to it. I have a theory/hypothesis about this animation, If I were to watch Haikyuu from the beginning with no memory of it and with the new animation style I wouldn’t mind it.

Ok, now for the real reason that there is a new animation style is, firstly, The animators are trying to fit the manga style to make it look more similar to the authors art style. Secondly, They didn’t change the animation studio but there are rumors going across that they are saving money for the second half of the Nationals Arc.

Haikyuu | Kotaro Bokuto (Fukurodani) Minecraft Skin
Akashi in the back though

With all that said, I want to hear others opinions about the new animation, Do you like it? Its not that I don’t like it, but I just cant adjust to the new style, It doesn’t feel familiar to me, But I accept that this is what it will be from now on.

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  1. The third seasons had the best animation quality and visuals. Now the characters have a little bit more sharp edges and look cartoonish. I loved the prev designs

  2. šŸ–¤ says:

    Yea tbh i rly dont like the new seasons art like kags looks like his on drugs or sum ;-; and also i dont like how they made the eyes bigger, like it was perfect the way it was already :/

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