Lets Talk about A Member of the ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ Squad…

The did nothing wrong squad, one of my favorite topics, Incase you don’t know who is part of the ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ Squad so far, I shall list them out for you:

  • Mikaela Hyakuya (Seraph of the End)
  • Ganta Igarashi (Deadman Wonderland)
  • Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Ikoma (Kabeneri Of the Iron Fortress)
  • Eren Jaeger(Attack On Titan)

I haven’t explain what the Did Nothing Wrong squad is, It is basically a group of people who something unfortunate happens to them that they didn’t deserve cause they were innocent. For example, Kaneki became a ghoul accidently, Eren became a Titan because of his dad, Ikoma became a half Kabane and so on… I think you get the point.

Ikoma | Wiki | Anime Amino

Well I think Eren should be removed from the squad because *cough*cough* the way the manga is headed, he is basically the main Antagonist/Villain. But I will keep him on cause not all my viewers are manga readers and dont know about Eren.

So, I have decided todays topic will about one of these gentlemen, and that would be *Drumroll* Ikoma! Ikoma is the MC in Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress. He is a Steam Smith and also a Demi Corpse, He is a ‘member’ of the Did Nothing Squad because while testing out his new Steam Gun, He happened to be bitten by a Kabane(Thats what they call the corpses) and when you get bitten by a Kabane, If the virus reaches your head, you become a corpse.

ikoma kabaneri | Tumblr

Ikoma somehow was able to stop the virus from reaching his head by stopping his blood flow. He is now A Demi Corpse. and of course no one would except him. That ladies and Gentleman, is why he is part of the did nothing wrong squad.

Ikoma and Eren Jaeger share similar motives, A close Loved One of theirs was killed so they want to kill all the titans(Eren) and the Corpses(Ikoma) even though they are one too. I think that this motive pushes them to do whats right except you know *cough* Eren….

Steam Community :: :: Becuem Kabane

Honestly, All these members of the did nothing wrong squad have a hard time fitting in, they are the in between, some people except them and others don’t. They have to find a way for them to fit into the ‘In between’. They either have to become evil to fit in, or stay out. Well for most of them atleast.

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3 Responses

  1. 🖤 says:

    yea tbh f in the chat for them they didnt deserve anything that happened to them ;/

  2. vartika6790 says:

    Literally Ken Kaneki suffered a lot just to die in the first part! Although he was kept alive by Arima. I liked your blog a lot, they should get recognition.

  3. MangaHub says:

    Griffith not in the squad? 😀 (kidding)

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