Kyojuro Rengoku New Chapter Review and Summary!

Fall anime season has arrived, there are loads of new anime that I want to write about but my blog doesnt have much about Manga. Many Demon slayer fans are awaiting the new Mugen Train Movie that will come out soon! But before that, the author of demon slayer released a new chapter specifically about The Flame Hashira, Rengoku. This ‘OVA’ is about his family and how he became a Hashira.


Incase you dont know, the Mugen Train Movie will be focused around this Hashira. This new chapter was released on Sunday. The Chapter starts out with Rengokus father announcing to him and his brother that he will be the Last Flame Hashira and Rengoku and his brother dont have the skills needed to become a Hashira.

Rengoku praises his younger brother for working hard and training, He then leaves for his first Mission. His brother reminded him of a friend of his that he met during final selection.

Rengoku comes in contact with a demon who uses flutes, and around him are 9 bodies of His Fallen comrades. And amongst those fallen comrades, is the friend he met in final selection. Rengoku is enraged and about to slash the demons neck. But the demon plays his flute and it summons 2 wolves. Rengoku hurrys to cover his ears, if he hears the flute, he will lose control of his nervous system, making it impossible to move.

Since 1 of the Fallen comradea was still breathing, he used sign language to communicate with rengoku and tell him about the Demons Blood Art. Rengoku uses his Flame breathing and is able to defeat the Flute demon.

This was the end of the One shot Chapter, I think this Chapter was very well drawn and also had a good story line to it. It shows how rengoku was shaped into the character he is now, savung others and putting others before himself.

Rengoku in the Mugen Train Movie!

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    Pretty cool and interesting as always

  1. November 14, 2020

    […] A Fun fact about Kyoguro: When fighting the Flute Demon, his ear drums were ruptured, and I think that’s why he shouts loudly while talking. I wrote about that battle so Check it out! […]

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