Katsuki Bakugou – Character Analysis

Katsuki Bakugou is a chracter from Boku No Hero Academia, and is shown to be the rival of the show’s main character Deku.

Bakugou’s quirk allows him to make explosions from the palm of his hands using his sweat, which is like nitroglycerine. The more he sweats, the bigger his explosions will become. The explosions can appear as small or as big as possible, as long as he has enough sweat

A common misconception about his quirk is that his sweat is nitroglycerine. Bakugou does not sweat nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin-like is the description for his quirk. If he really had sweat nitroglycerin for his quirk, it means two things. One is that sweat can not be oxidized by his father’s quirk because nitrogen is not the same as oxygen. But there is oxygen in nitroglycerin, so I understand the common misunderstanding. And two his body would actually explode because even slight jolts disrupting stable nitroglycerin would cause it to explode, and sense sweat is stored before it is secreted, he would legit blow up the second he moves fast.

He has red eyes and Spiky blonde hair. He has a very short temper and a big ego. The reason for his huge ego was because people would treat him a bit too well for the smallest things. He grew up like this from a young age, so I don’t really blame it on him (but then again I’m bias for him so um yea). Bakugou is very driven to achieving his goals and is very dedicated to them, and will remove all obstacles no matter what sort of obstacle it is.

In season 3, Bakugou gets kidnapped by the LOV. I personally think this part helped with his character development, because it showed him that he isnt as powerful as he thinks. Also the Heroes Rising movie improved his friendship with Deku and his attitude so I thought that was really nice.

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  1. vartika6790 says:

    Please write about Shoto also from MHA. Nice!

  2. You’ve finally shown your true Bakugo addiction K!

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    Iā€™m confused who wrote this?

  4. uzzenolike says:

    Oh it was a good post could one of u write about shoto todoroki PLS THANK YOU

  5. MangaHub says:

    I was really glad this character did not go the Sasuke route of turning against the main characters. Gets a plus point for that in my eyes

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