Karasuno’s Development (Haikyuu)

Haikyuu is one of the Most watched Sport animes ever, and im not afraid to say that it is one of my favorite animes. The haikyuu manga ended recently and fans are dying for the next animated season to come out… So todays topic will be about Hinata and Kageyamas Volleyball Development!

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Karasuno High’s Volleyball Team! Missing Asahi and Suga tho

Tobio Kageyama:

Kageyama is the setter in Karasuno, and before he joined them he had the nickname ‘King of The Court’ due to the fact that he forced everyone to do stuff and was very commanding. He had an arrogant, selfish and mean personality, He only cared about winning, even if he put his team mates at risk.

After Joining Karasuno High, he learns to control his anger and frustration, and learns to respect others. This is a big development. His former team members from middle school despised him, and this made Kageyama develop a fear of being despised or mistrusted. I really felt bad for Kageyama because he was trying his best to become a better person and regretted everything he did to everyone. But those middle school classmates of him still despised him.

Next up is Kageyamas volleyball Development! Kageyama has always been an amazing setter in my opinion, but he is a perfectionist and he HAS to be perfect. First year Kageyama was able to make so many achievements, I’m just gonna list some of them though:

  • During the beginning of the series, to make the Kagehina fast attack work, Kageyama had to set the ball exactly into Hinata’s hand, The whole fast attack relied on his perfect setting.
  • During the Training Camp in Tokyo (The one after hinata and Kageyama’s fight) Kageyama learns to set perfectly in all tempos so hinata can hit the ball with his eyes open istead of closed.
  • Kageyama gets picked to go an all-Japan training camp, which only the best of the best go to train. He learns new moves, not only as setter but blocking, receiving and spiking.
  • He is also really good at serving and service aces!
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Shoyo Hinata:

Hinata is the main character in Haikyuu, Hinata started his volleyball journey when he saw the little Giant of Karasuno playing at the Japan Nationals, even though he was small, he scored many points against them. This is Hinatas inspiration for joining Karasuno’s team.

Hinatas position is a middle blocker, usually Middle Blockers are usually tall (Like Tsukkishima) but because Hinata can jump really high, they let him have that position. Hinata is a very energectic person, He is cheerful and can be loud at times, he is also very good at making friends!

Hinatas Volleyball Development: Hinata volley ball skilled evolved alot, Ill list some of his developments:

  • At the beginning of the anime, Hinata couldn’t receive a ball or serve on properly, but during the Tokyo Training camp, he learned to do both.
  • the Kagehina quick attack evolved from Kageyama setting the ball right into his hand, to Hinata opening his eyes and hitting it by himself.
  • He also learnt new skills from Bokuto, such as ‘Tipping into the Block’!
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Quick Attack

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