Kabeneri Of The Iron Fortress Review

Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress is one of the most amazing underrated animes I’ve recently watch. If you are an Attack On Titan Fan like me, this anime will give you the same hype you get when watching Attack On Titan. It is one season consisting of 12 episodes.

The World is overrun with Zombie like Corpses that like human flesh, they have inhuman strenght and can only be killed by being peirced in their heart. If they bite a human, the virus will go to their brains and they will become a ‘Kabane’ which is what they call the zombies in the show. Humanity has retreated to Iron fortress like stations where they are surrounded by walls. They travel between stations on ‘The Iron Fortress’ which is train made of Iron, it is the only way to get between stations.

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri Mumei | Iron fortress, Anime films, Anime funny
Her name is ‘No-Name’.

A boy named Ikoma is a hopeful boy who services the trains, In his free time he tries to build a weapon that can pierce a Kabane’s heart in one shot. At the moment, the ‘Knights’ use steam guns, but their guns take many shots to Pierce a Kabane’s heart. Ikoma had the idea to use jet bullets, and luckily his idea worked.

But before he could test his newly developed gun, he gets arrested for saving Kabane parts to experiment on. He meets a girl who is odd, she is to light hearted and Ikoma can tell that she isnt normal. But before getting the chance to talk to her, the Station is breached, Kabanes are overruning the station and turning everyone into a Kabane.

Ikoma picks the lock and runs to his house to get his Steam Gun. He defeats a Kabane, gets over excited but then realizes he has been bitten. He tries to stop the virus from getting to his brain by stopping the blood flow from getting to his brain, He is able to stop it. He is now a Demi-Corpse.

While rushing to the train to leave the station, he sees the girl who he met while in prison, she was is a warrior knight, and one of the strongest. It ended up that she was also a Demi Corpse.

Ikoma | Wiki | Anime Amino
Ikoma, the main Protagonist.

When I think of this anime, I get Attack on Titan and sci-fi anime vibes. Ikoma has the same motivation as Eren Jager, a close loved one is killed by the Corpses and he wants to kill all of them even though he basically is one.

I think this anime has got to be in my top ten of 2020, it has the perfect amount of violence and gore. It also has a plot that isn’t boring unlike some underrated animes. There isn’t a moment that gets boring. I recommend this anime to anyone who isn’t bothered by blood and cannibalisms.

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    It kinda reminds me of attack on titan

  1. November 24, 2020

    […] topic will about one of these gentlemen, and that would be *Drumroll* Ikoma! Ikoma is the MC in Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress. He is a Steam Smith and also a Demi Corpse, He is a ‘member’ of the Did Nothing Squad […]

  2. December 29, 2020

    […] is so amazing, and definitely a should watch for all those who haven’t watched it. Click here for my […]

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