Inosuke Hashibira – Character Analysis(Anime Only)

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to start a new series called Character Analysis (creativity 100) where I basically choose my favorite character from an anime and do a character analysis on them. Hope you enjoy!


I may or may not simp for him

Inosuke Hashibira, aka the pig dude (no offense btw that’s just what my brother calls him lol) is my favorite character for many reasons. I really like his personality, since I sort of have a similar personality in a way.

In the anime, he is said to have the face of a girl lol. The boar head he wears has actually been revealed in the manga to have belonged to his late adoptive boar mother. Yes, boar mother. His real mother was killed because of a demon called Doma, one of the Upper twelve Moons. After she sacrificed herself to save his life, she threw him into a river and was then raised by wild boars.

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Unlike other demon slayers, he uses 2 swords instead of 1. He has special dents in his sword which is a Japanese tradition. If you twist someone else’s sword around a sword like his, you will be able to break your opponent’s sword (idk if that even makes sense but yes). The color of his sword truned indigo-blue. Which makes sense, after living his life in the mountains, he developed some beast-like qualities.

Obviously, this is a character analysis and not a review, so it is shorter that usual. I will be making a new post for this chapter every other week, so I can do normal reviews too. Thank you!


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12 Responses

  1. Inosuke is a really cool Character, I see why you like him. His battle VS Doma was really cool too. You should read the manga. Nice Post!

    • 🖤 says:

      i wish i could but i just dont have the patience, unlike u i could only read like a chapter and then end up skipping a bunch :/

  2. vartika6790 says:

    Inosuke was like, to fight for his friends, care for them but never showed his true feelings! Aw he is really cute!

  3. uzzenolike says:

    Who’s post was I NEED TO RANT yours or your friend I got confused because if it was yours i meant to say that to u.

  4. beazt1101 says:

    I did not know about the fact that his mom died by a demon, does he remember his biological mother, and who taught him the japanese language 😂😂

    • 🖤 says:

      I dont think he remembers his mom, however the boar head he has was his adoptive mom, so he prob still knew japanese after he killed her since he would of found human contact, idk if that makes sense lol

    • I know K replied to this already, but basically, Inosuke was around 6 months when doma killed his mom. The only reason doma killed her was because she found out that he was a demon. He was said to have feelings for her since he wasn’t going to kill her and eat.

      As for Inosuke learning Japanese, He lived on a mountain, and I think that there were a lot of people who he could listen to learn Japanese… It would be easy for him to pick up the language. Oh, and while fighting doma, he recalls super early memories of his mom.

  5. MangaHub says:

    Wait so he wears his mother’s head on his head? 😀 anime never fails to surprise

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