How Much Anime can I watch, Or Do I watch to much? Dissection of My Free time Pt.1

Watching anime is obviously one of my favorite pastimes, and today it occured to me, do I watch to much anime, and if I do… Whats my limit? Ok, so yes there is such a thing as watching too much anime, For example if you watch everyday, all day. Ive never met someones who does that. yet. But back to the question, Do I watch to much?

I know that whenever I have free time, it is either spent in the following ways:

  • Watching Anime
  • Watching Youtube Videos
  • Scrolling through Pinterest
  • Occasionally Writing a post or read some Manga
  • Other stuff (Ill talk about in Pt.2)

I’m trying to simultaneously watch 2/3 of the big three which are Naruto and Bleach. I’ve finished 8 seasons of Naruto and 5 of Bleach. And that has taken me a hell load of time. Other than those anime, I research new animes I haven’t watched or are going to be coming out. School is starting tomorrow so I tried to binge watch as much of Naruto as possible. So around half a non filler season.

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A Lot of my free time is spent mindlessly scrolling through youtube, either watching whatever comes on my recommended or just watching clips on crunchyrolls channel. Pinterest on the other hand is my favorite social media platform, mainly because its cool? I dont really know why, but i have spent hours back to back on my phone scrolling through it. I occasionally create content on it such as my art and memes but mostly scrolling through it.

Now for my manga addiction, During summer break I had absolutely nothing to do, and My dad and I had finished watching Demon Slayer. The day after that, I took my laptop and read the Manga which is 205 chapters, and quite lengthy chapters, in less that 3 hours. This proves that my free time is very oddly spent. The same thing happened when I couldn’t find the promised Neverland anime anywhere, I read the whole manga before watching the anime in less than a day. I really regret it because I would have liked to savour it and not know what’s going to happen, but what’s done is done.

About - ~Maria~
When People here how I read Manga.

The last time I speed read through a manga was when I finished watching Attack On Titan season 3. The next morning, I read through all the chapters after the Retake of Shiganshina Arc in around 45-60 Minutes. I have a bad habit of speed reading Manga online. My In real life manga collection only has 2 mangas which one I accidently bought in german because I wasn’t looking at the description before I bought it. I can’t read german so Let’s just say my manga collection is down to one.

Starting in September (When I started this blog) I was spending hours a day thinking of blog posts and writing them, back in September I didn’t really have much schoolwork to do, So I this daily post thing going on. I wish I could still write daily posts…. I think Oct-Nov was my peak time for inspiration. I had my blog going well, my art and school.

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15 Responses

  1. 🖤 says:

    Bro the only time i ever read manga is wen i desperately need to know wat happens next, and hlaf the time a skip a bunch of pages, dont understand and end up searching up the answer. My patience is legit thinner than the air of mount everest. I have mad respect for manga readers

  2. 🖤 says:

    also f for the aot manga u got that ended up being german

  3. uzzenolike says:

    Lucky for you I am not allowed to buy manga.

  4. vartika6790 says:

    Well mangas surely take a lot of time… Its easier to watch anime!

    • sushiiiwithsoysauce says:

      Agreed but Im really impatient, so I can never wait for a new season of an anime haha

  5. Bookstooge says:

    Getting the right balance of everything can take years, so don’t sweat it 😀

    And good luck with Bleach. An online friend of mine, Lashaan from Bookidote, just finished it up himself and while he didn’t blog much about it, he was extremely disappointed by how it all turned out.

    And I just checked his post and it was actually about the manga, not the anime. Oops.

    Well, best of luck getting things balanced out 🙂

  6. asic says:

    my mom would prolly go mad if she got to know I bought manga’s and read them lol. it’s a big thing for her to even let me read webtoons hehe. to be honest, pinterest’s whole feed and the whole website just makes it easier for you to browse, you can keep scrolling and pinning all day- that’s exactly what happens to me lol, btw great post!<3

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