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Second Warning: this is going to contain a lot of opinions that you may not agree with because this is kind of a โ€œfun postโ€.

Ok, let’s start then! Lately, I’ve been binging webtoons. However, there is one webtoon that I started reading before my binge, and that is Hero Killer.

Ok so before I state my theories, I want to talk a little about why I like Hero Killer so much. That’s mostly because of Hero Killer herself, Ihwa. I have looked through a lot of webtoons to find one without romance because I really hate romance. The reason I hate it is because usually the female character is depicted as reliant and depending on love and the man who she is in love with, making her useless and weak; she has her knight in shining armor with her all the time.

Ihwa and Rachel

Hero Killer does not have any of that. She is strong, even if it’s because of revenge, and she is growing stronger on her own. Well, she does have a mentor, but she won’t become useless and stop trying to reach her goal if he dies. Additionally, the side characters are very intriguing! For example, Chaos seems to have a questionable personality, but he is actually a likable character. And there is Rachel Sinclair, with a sad backstory and unique(to say the least) personality, which I really enjoy seeing! I also thought Rachel is like a “good” Ihwa; both are trying to attain revenge, but Rachel is a lot less obvious and obsessive about it. And then there is Engen, who seems to be the evil of evil, but at the same time extremely cool and strong, but (perhaps) having a kind side when he saved Rachel.

And of course, there are the thought-provoking dynamics of the Hero Association, and the heroes having to weigh ethics and political benefits against each other. And then there is the immensely strong poster of the Hero Clan, Victoria. She seems to be absolutely good, but as the story goes on, it becomes more apparent that she doesn’t actually have a great interest in fighting for good, instead, she is interested in living a fun life, while ignoring Engenโ€™s warning of a person who we are told is called “The Iron Witch”. Then there is Ihwaโ€™s suspicious teacher who is extremely strong to the point of intimidating Engen, yet confined to a wheelchair. Speaking of Yushin, he brings us to the first theory.

Theory #1: Yushin(Ihwa’s teacher) is her father

Ihwa’s Family picture

First, weโ€™ll look at visual clues. After her sister died, Yushin asked Ihwa if she wanted revenge for her sister, and she said yes. Ever since he has trained her to her full potential. A small detail I noticed after re-reading was that when he held Ihwa’s family portrait, there were three people. Ihwa, her sister, and another person. Who was the other person? I believe it is Yushin.

Well, looking closer at the picture, the third head above the sisters is looking more and more like a stand, but hey, I need to make this work.

The biggest clue for me is that when Yushin was fighting Victoria, he claimed that he would not care if he died, because Ihwa would avenge him. How could he be so sure?
It is because he has seen how Ihwa is fighting to avenge her sister. He has faith that Ihwa will avenge her sister, which will result in her becoming stronger than Victoria and killing her, who killed Yushin. And after that, she would have avenged Yushin as Well. If Yushin really is her father, Ihwa will avenge him like how she seeks to avenge her sister.

Some more genetic-related support is Ihwa’s Gift.
Ihwa is extremely strong with a strong and unique Gift. This would make sense if her father was Yushin, an elder. If Ihwa and her sister are his children, then them being strong and having powerful gifts make sense. Or you could fight me and say that the grey-haired store owner is Ihwa’s dad.

Anyway, this leads me to my second theory.

Theory #2: The Iron Witch is Ihwa’s sister

Ihwa and her dying sister

From the beginning of the series, we are told that Ihwa is killing heroes to avenge her sister who was killed by the Hero Clan. From Ihwa’s memories, we have seen that her sister had grey hair like Ihwa. And then we see a back view of the Iron Witch, and she has grey hair.
But that’s not very convincing, is it? Anyone could have grey hair.

For a little more support, we have seen how Engen and Yushin state that The Iron Witch is stronger than Victoria, but Ihwa can become stronger. How would Yushin know how strong the Iron Witch is? That could be possible if she is his daughter. That would explain his confidence in Ihwa defeating the Iron Witch as well.

In all honesty, my second theory is a lot weaker than my first, as Ihwa’s sister’s dead body was shown, so she could very well be dead, and the Iron Witch could actually be someone else. My idea, for now, is that her sister might have been faking death, or maybe had some sort of healing gift. But otherwise, we just have to wait till Ihwa faces the Iron Witch herself to see the Iron Witchโ€™s true identity.

So, these are some thoughts I had about the series. Thanks for reading, and if you have any other theories, or have some comments on my theory and proof, let me know!

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