Goldy Pond Arc(Yakusoku No Neverland)

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT CLICK THIS POST IF YOU HAVENT READ THE MANGA OF THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, But if your looking for spoilers, go ahead, be my guest and click it… There’s no turning back now!

Throughout the WHOLE manga, this has got to be MY FAVORITE ARC! It was just so perfectly planned. To be honest, TPN is such an underrated anime and manga, the way that it messes with your mind and makes you think is astronomical. the main characters are so smart that it reminds me of death note(P.S I might write about an arc in death note!) They both play with your mind and make you think.

SO. Lets get started!

Emma, Ray and Mister Yugo make their way to area 08-63 as shown on Emma’s Pen. Yugo knew that Area 08-63 or known as Goldy Pond, was a hunting site for demons. The demons hunt for fun, What evil minded beings! There are only 3 rules at Goldy Pond:

  1. Music
  2. Monsters
  3. Survive.

When music starts, the hunt begins, The monsters hunt them till the music ends, The goal: Survive. The reason Emma and Ray went to Goldy pond was because there was supposedly a clue left there by William Minerva that could lead to their escape from the Demon World. Luckily, There was a clue!

One of my favorite parts of this Arc was the planning it took all kids to just think of an escape plan and also the attack on the Demon Bayon and Luvis.

Bayon was the owner of The Goldy Pond Hunting site, he likes to hunt the orphans for his own pleasure from time to time. During Emma’s experience at Goldy Pond, she came to learn that demons can be killed if they are shot/stabbed or hurt in the eye.

Once Emma and the other 50 Orphans killed the demons except Luevis, Emma lures Luevis to the sanctuary site and gets Yuggo to kill him, they are now free of Goldy Pond hunting.

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Let me know what your favorite Arc from The Promised Neverland was in the comments! Thanks for Reading!

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